Skywalker 8 Foot Trampoline Jump N’ Dunk Review

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If you want a backyard trampoline that you can install indoors, then Skywalker 8 Foot Jump N’ Dunk is your best choice. It has the same enclosure net, durable frame, and safe bouncing experience as that of a full-fledge backyard version.

Since it’s built for outdoor use as well, there’s no stopping you from placing it out in the open. It’s a great size for those who don’t have enough space at the lawn.

There are some points that you need to make yourself aware of before making a purchase.

This, along with the rest of the benefits, is what we aim to give to you in this review article. As you read on, you’ll come to an understanding if this is the right size and model for you and your kids.

Skywalker 8 Foot Trampoline Jump N’ Dunk Review

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Whether it’s their bigger 15ft model or this 8-foot version, Skywalker designs their trampoline with safety above everything else. As one of the more budget-friendly brands, their trampolines are surprisingly durable and sturdy. Sometimes even better than other higher-priced models.

The springs of this Skywalker 8 Foot Trampoline are located outside of the jump area. An enclosure net with their patented No-Gap technology makes sure that any possible injuries from hitting the springs are eliminated.

In the next sections, I will be expanding on its features and benefits. You will learn if this is actually the size that you and your kids can use. There is also a section which will give you a quick overview of how to assemble this.

Weight Limit

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A trampoline’s weight capacity is one of the most important factors in deciding which model you should get. The Skywalker 8 Foot Trampoline has a recommended weight capacity of up to 175 lbs only. In reality, it should be able to hold up to 200 lbs, but nothing beyond that.

If you’re planning to buy this for kids who are at their pre-teens or older, then I suggest getting a bigger version like the Skywalker 12 foot trampoline which has a capacity of up to 200 lbs.

3 small children at most should be able to jump comfortably. You can actually have even more small kids as long as they don’t exceed the weight limit.

As a matter of fact, one adult should be able to use it too as long as its all about bouncing only. No jump tricks or somersaults, which brings me to this point about teens. This size does not work well for teenagers with all their energy and acrobatics.

However, there’s another factor that you need to consider as well. The more kids using Skywalker 8 Foot trampoline at the same time, the bigger the chances of accidents. Arms and legs will be flailing wildly as they get more and more excited jumping.


While this is trampoline is advertised as 8ft, it actually has a jumping space of around 7 feet in diameter only. The 8 feet measurement actually includes the edge pad which covers the springs.

The jumping pad itself stands around 21 inches from the ground. It may seem too low, but because of the very taut springs and well-made jump pad, it is safe from actually hitting the ground.

If you’re planning to have this setup indoors, whether in your spare garage or in your basement, you need to make sure that you have 9-foot high ceiling to accommodate this. The actual height of the trampoline, up to the top of the poles are a little over 7 feet.

The trampoline is actually compact and should fit most kids’ playroom. You have to face the fact, though, that kids can easily outgrow this. However, I see it is a good thing for two reasons.

One, it shows how durable Skywalker 8 Foot trampoline can be, and two, you can just as well use it for yourself for rebounding purposes and just get them a bigger one.

Can you still do backflips? As an adult, you shouldn’t, but a small kid should be able to.


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Part of what makes Skywalker 8 Foot Trampoline very durable is its frame and the way every section is connected. T-sockets connect the leg to the frame to the enclosure joints. This is a lot stronger than the clamp versions used by other cheap brands, and a better choice than welded joints.

The T-sockets and W-shaped legs make the structure and prevent any possibility of twisting, which is a common problem with other trampolines.

72 tightly-coiled, galvanized springs powers the jumping pad. The springs, which are located outside of the jumping surface by the enclosure net, are protected by a UV-resistant edge cover.

The foam-padded poles are angled outward at the base. This makes sure that jumpers will have a lesser chance of hitting. The foam pads easily degrade in time, though, especially when exposed to the elements. Fortunately, because of its size, you can have this setup indoors.


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The net and the jumping surface are both weather-resistant. This makes this allows the trampoline to withstand changes in weather if installed outside.

As I have mentioned above, the foam padding on the poles is the only design issue that I’m not too happy about. It would have been better if the foam padding is covered further by the same material as the edge cover.

One of the common causes of injuries with trampolines is the springs. These are dangerous pinch points in case your child’s arms or legs slide into them. To prevent this from happening, Skywalker made sure that the enclosure net has no gaps at all. Hence, their patented No-Gap technology.

The enclosure net, which keeps the kids safe inside, are tightly-woven to ensure that even their small fingers would not stick out.

While this can be removed altogether, I strongly advise keeping it installed especially with small kids using it regularly.

Additional Features

The basketball hoop is made of soft materials. It also includes 2 small foam balls. The hoop itself attached to the soft board with a Velcro, so it easily detaches when your kid dunks too hard. A good design choice which helps prevents injuries.

However, basketball accessories are not required to enjoy Skywalker 8 Foot trampoline. You can actually choose to not have this installed entirely.

This model doesn’t come with a ladder. You may opt to buy one but I don’t think it is needed. With the trampoline only about 2 feet off the ground, your kids should be able to get in with no issues at all.

If you’re planning to have this set up on your backyard, I advise that you get wind stakes too. These stakes will help to keep your trampoline from being blown over by sudden strong winds.

Setting Up

The Skywalker 8 Foot Trampoline is both designed for outdoor and indoor use. Setting it up is the same regardless of the location, except for additional wind stakes installation when installing outside.

Assembly time usually takes around 2 hours, less if you have someone helping you out. You actually do not need to hire someone to have this done, as the parts are mostly plug-and-play.

As a quick overview, you’ll have to assemble the frame by connecting them through the T-sockets provided, assemble and attach the legs. Then you need to hook the springs that are already connected to the jump pad. Finally, you will need to attach the poles to the enclosure net then to the frame.

This trampoline can also be dismantled. Depending on where you are actually located, you may need to put it down during winter when you have this set up in the backyard.

If you’re planning to set this up indoors, make sure you have about 1 foot of space between the walls and the edge of the trampoline. You also need to make sure that the ceiling is around 9 to 10 feet high. This will help keep your children safe from hitting the ceiling or walls.

In case you’re planning to have this Skywalker 8 Foot trampoline set up on the lawn, you need not worry about the grass dying. In fact, you will actually need to move it from time to time in able to mow the grass.

Consumer Ratings

The Skywalker 8 Foot Trampoline with enclosure net received more than 300 reviews on Amazon. The rating is almost perfect. Most of the people who bought this product loved the easy assembly and the size of the trampoline.

A couple of reviewers gave a low rating, not because of the trampoline’s performance. It’s mainly because there were some missing parts when they received the shipment. My advice is to inspect the parts first before trying to assemble it.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • No-gap enclosure net for added safety
  • Solid, single unit T-sockets connect the joints


  • Foam padding on the poles deteriorates rather quickly if left outdoors


Some of us don’t have the luxury of a big backyard or lawn, while others prefer to have a trampoline installed indoors. If you’re not too keen about premium materials but very much concerned about your kids’ safety, then you should get this model.

The Skywalker 8 foot trampoline is certainly one of your best choices. It is compact enough to fit most indoor areas and easy to move around. Best of all it is budget-friendly and will last for years.

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