Easy Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

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With trampoline parks becoming more and more regular, it’s useful to know what tricks are best to do. When going with a group of friends, everyone wants to be the best out of the group.

Whether you’re looking to take up a new hobby or you’re just looking to have a bit of fun, we all have to start somewhere.

YouTube is such a huge thing nowadays, that tutorials for most tricks are all available at the click of a button. However, it’s useful to know which ones to look for.

Here are some easy trampoline tricks for you to try!

Front Somersault

Whenever someone thinks of a trampolining trick to try, usually their first go-to is a front flip. It’s simple, yet looks cool if you can pull it off. Not only that, but front flips are the base for a lot of other tricks, so if you can do one of these, you can try to move on and try other things.

Unlike other advanced tricks, the front flip looks a lot easier than it is, so you’ll need to practice.

The best thing to do is to start by jumping on a trampoline to the height you’d wish to start your flip. It’s then useful to jump as if you were going to flip, and tuck jump instead.

This gives you a rough idea of the technique you’ll need to use in your trick. It’s always best to time your flip at the top of your jump, to give yourself as much time to rotate as possible.

It can be a bit scary when starting to do tricks, so make sure you feel confident before you try.

Remember – everyone falls when learning new tricks, just pick yourself back up and try again. Practice makes perfect!

Barani (Front Somersault, Half Twist)

I know it’s best to not get ahead of yourself, so here’s an easy trampoline trick that’s similar to the front somersault.

As I previously mentioned, front somersaults are a great base trick, where you can expand your abilities from there.

The Barani is one of these tricks and can be practiced, using the somersault and the half-twist.

To practice a half-twist, simply jump at a good height and twist your body 180-degrees, so you end facing the opposite direction.

A Barani is a more advanced form of front flip, where you flip over, twist 180-degrees as you go over, and land facing the opposite direction. It sounds more complicated than it is.

With a simple twist of the hips and a throw of your arms and a front dismount, you can achieve this with a bit of practice.

Backward Somersault

Much like the front somersault, learning this trick opens up a whole new area of stunts you can do on a trampoline. However, this trick can take a bit more mental preparation to perform.

The main thing stopping you with this flip is often the mental block caused by not seeing where you’re going. Flipping backward is actually easier to do than the front somersault, but can take more practice than the forward version.

When it comes to putting effort into the move, the backward somersault requires less than the front flip, but there are ways to practice!

Easy trampoline tricks

Backdrops And Ball-Outs

One of the simplest ways to gear yourself up for a backflip is to practice backdrops. When jumping, aim towards landing on your back instead of your feet.

This way you get the idea of how it feels to jump backward, into a backflip.

To take it one step further, land on your back, and instead of landing back on your feet, tuck your legs over your head and try a backward rolling motion.

This is called a ball-out and is a great method of simulating the feeling of a backflip, without performing the actual trick.

From personal experience, the thought of doing a backflip is often worse than the trick itself, so this helps you to mentally prepare yourself for the move.

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Seat Drops And Swivel-Hips

The seat drop is an easier variation of the backdrop, which is why they have similar names.

The tricks are a lot like each other, with the only difference being that you’re landing on your rear-end instead.

Keep your legs straight out in front of you, in a pike shape and you’ll have this trick nailed.

A pike shape involves keeping your legs straight and your back positioned so your body looks like an ‘L’. Just picture yourself sitting on the floor with your legs out in front of you.

It’s important to remember that trampolines are made of material designed to take your weight, so you won’t hurt yourself when you land.

Landing on your back or other areas can seem scary because you feel like you might hurt yourself, but as long as you land in the right place then you’ll be fine!

The seat drop is one of the easiest tricks you can do, which can lead to swivel-hips.

The swivel-hips are exactly the same as a seat drop, but instead of landing back on your feet, you’ll want to thrust your hips upwards off the trampoline and twist 180-degrees.

If done properly, you’ll end up facing the opposite direction and landing back on your bottom.


There are so many easy trampoline tricks that you can try, whilst trampolining and that’s why the sport is so fun.

If there are certain tricks too advanced for you, or you want to try more – just create your own! Remember that trampolining is a hard sport to master, so it’ll take lots of practice and patience.

Always keep your health and well-being in mind. Never try something you think will get you hurt.

Trampolining is great for exercise and is a great way of staying fit.

When it comes to having fun and staying healthy, this sport is one of the best around!

It’s a great activity that can be enjoyed with friends or on your own, and learning new tricks will even teach you a thing or two!