Best Trampoline Sprinkler

Best Trampoline Sprinkler

On warm days, it can be really hard to encourage your kids to exercise. After all, hot weather makes us want to do nothing. Exercising in this climate can make you feel sweaty and overheated. However, it is still important for children to do plenty of exercise. Otherwise, they could develop health problems and may … Read more

Best In-Ground Trampoline

Best In Ground Trampoline

In Ground Trampolines are becoming the go-to option for families looking to install some fun into their outside area. If you have kids that need to be taken away from their screens then an in-ground trampoline is a great idea. Trampolining can become addictive but you don’t want to obscure the view of your garden … Read more

Best Rectangle Trampoline

Best Rectangle Trampoline

When it comes to trampolines, one size does not fit all. Rectangle-shaped trampolines are becoming considerably more prevalent in yards since they perform significantly better than circular trampolines while maintaining equivalent safety measures. To enhance the overall performance, such trampolines are often seen with higher-quality materials and springs. If you’re searching for the greatest rectangle … Read more

Best Kids Indoor Trampoline: Pros, Cons, and Q&A

Best Kids Indoor Trampoline

A trampoline can provide a child with hours of fun, jumping up and down all day long with friends, improving their fitness at the same time, and reaching for the sky. It allows them to burn off energy so that they can concentrate and get the constructive rest they require. But when it comes to … Read more

Best Rectangular Trampoline for your Backyard: Buy Guide & Reviews (2021)

thejumpcentral hero - best rectangular trampoline

Rectangular trampolines give you more room to jump and a better bounce. But picking the best rectangular trampoline for your backyard can be intimidating. The internet would have you believe that rectangle trampolines are for professional athletes or gymnasts but are too dangerous for anyone else. That is not entirely true. In this article, I’ll … Read more

Mini Trampoline for Kids – Reviews, Ratings and Buyer’s Guide

Best Mini Trampoline for Kids - Featured Image - The Jump Central

When you’re looking to buy a mini trampoline for kids, what you need to prioritize is safety above all else. While there are a lot of models on the market that are promoted to be kid-friendly, sadly, not all of them are worth buying. Some of them break down easily and worse, there are those … Read more

Which Trampoline is the Best? (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Best Trampoline Review

Choosing the best trampoline is not as easy as buying a new set of pillows. The first thing you need to evaluate is safety. Then you definitely need to make sure it would fit the area where you’re going to place the trampoline. Of course, you’ll also need to check on the price. With all … Read more