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On warm days, it can be really hard to encourage your kids to exercise. After all, hot weather makes us want to do nothing.

Exercising in this climate can make you feel sweaty and overheated. However, it is still important for children to do plenty of exercise.

Otherwise, they could develop health problems and may not develop properly.

The solution comes in the form of a trampoline sprinkler. These devices will allow refreshing water to be sprayed at your children whenever they use the trampoline.

Fun for kids, these sprinklers will make playing in hot weather much more enjoyable.

To help you to find the right product, I have compiled a list of the five best trampoline sprinklers on the market. The best products out there are:

Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler

Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids, Outdoor Backyard Water Park Fun Summer Outdoor Water Sprinkler Toys for Boys Girls (Black, 39ft)

Firstly, this trampoline sprinkler from Bobor is a great choice for parents looking to entertain their young children.

No longer will you have to worry about your children becoming too hot when they are having fun and exercising. This product can reduce heat by an impressive 25 degrees.


  • Safety first – when installing this product, the hose will go on the outside of the net. As a consequence, your child will not accidentally grab it.
  • Simple setup – no one wants to spend ages installing a trampoline sprinkler. To save you time and hassle, this sprinkler can be easily installed. It can be used on trampolines of different shell sizes. The pipe interface is also super straightforward.
  • 25 degrees – this sprinkler will result in the temperature of your trampoline dropping by 25 degrees, keeping your children cool in hot weather.
  • Color options – you can either get this sprinkler in black or blue color. This gives you more choice, allowing you to find the color that appeals to you and your children the most.
  • Flexible – though the main purpose of this versatile sprinkler is to be used on a trampoline, it can also be used in other settings. This includes using it to water your plant.


  • Low water pressure – some customers have complained that this Bobor product has low water pressure. Though only a minority of customers observed this, it is nonetheless a factor to consider. This will be especially true if you want the sprinkler to provide a strong supply of water.
Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids, Outdoor Backyard Water Park Fun Summer Outdoor Water Sprinkler Toys for Boys Girls (Black, 39ft)
  • Summer gift- Now it's time for outdoor games in the hot summer. Imagine preparing this gift for the children's party. Children are going to love you so much. These Water Play Sprinklers will also reduce the temperature on the trampoline by 25 degrees! Let your children have a great time.
  • Easy to install - Ties band to suit any trampoline shell size! It is directly connected to the net. Fully assembled systems take less than fewer minutes to install(ties can be Disassembly and reused)In addition they can be used for many other purposes as well.
  • Safe and easy to use - The hose is mounted on the outside of the trampoline net, so your active child doesn't accidentally grab it while jumping; Two kinds of water pipe interface, easy to choose the appropriate interface, and easy to adjust the size of water flow.
  • Versatile - Install hose on a trampoline, then connect those to the garden hose, turn on the tap, and let the fun begin. This product can be used not only for a trampoline, but also for garden watering, outdoor cooling, and so on.
  • Eliminate your concerns with services in BOBOR - We have a perfect after-sale service system. If there are any quality problems with Trampoline Water Play Sprinklers, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will actively solve them and be responsible for all BOBOR customers.

ThrillZoo Waterpark Premium Trampoline Sprinkler

Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids - Outdoor Backyard Summer Fun - Trampoline Water Sprinkler 14-16 ft Round - Premium Trampoline Accessories - Water Park for Boys & Girls by ThrillZoo - Extra Long Hose

The second trampoline sprinkler on my list is from ThrillZoo. This company has come up with an innovative warm-up zone.

Aside from that, this product’s main selling point is its impressive sturdiness.

Compared to its competitors, this sprinkler has more features that are aimed at making it more durable.

If you are looking for a long-lasting trampoline sprinkler, look no further!


  • Brass fittings – constructed to eliminate leakage, these brass fittings are very useful. These fittings can deal with the water pressure.
  • Durable – while other hoses can break easily, this sprinkler has a double-walled and fiber-reinforced design. This rugged sprinkler has triple the strength of other hoses. Consequently, it will not be easy to damage!
  • Warm-up zone – using their considerable expertise, ThrillZoo has designed a method of keeping your children at the perfect temperature when they are trampolining. Even on warm days, kids need a space when they can temporarily get away from the water. ThrillZone has purposefully made their sprinkler to be 33 feet long so that kids can have a space where they can warm up. This feature has been designed with the safety of your kids in mind.
  • Install in under 10 minutes – when you have a hectic lifestyle, you do not want to waste loads of time setting up a sprinkler for your kids. This is especially true when the weather is boiling hot. Fortunately, this sprinkler can be set up in under 10 minutes. To make the installation process even easier, this ThrillZoo offers a helpful setup video.
  • Ideal as a present – if you are looking for a present for a child who loves trampolining, this will be an excellent choice.


  • Not suitable for all trampolines – if your trampoline has a thin mesh, this sprinkler may not connect well to it. This can make the installation process much more difficult.
Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids - Outdoor Backyard Summer Fun - Trampoline Water Sprinkler 14-16 ft Round - Premium Trampoline Accessories - Water Park for Boys & Girls by ThrillZoo - Extra Long Hose
  • EASY TO INSTALL - This outdoor sprinkler for kids easily attaches to any trampoline. Simply use the zip ties provided to attach the hose to the net, connect your water source, and watch your kids hop in on the outdoor water fun! Watch the video for the best way to quickly install.
  • SAFE & FUN - Attaches on the outside of your net, and includes a dry zone so kids can join or safely exit with ease. This will become your favorite trampoline accessory in no time. The perfect summer outside toys for kids, especially for parties and big groups. Great for adults to cool off in the summer heat as well!
  • DURABLE - This summer sprinkler for yard trampolines is built for hot summers and active children! The hose is sun damage resistant, double-walled, and made with leak-proof metal components for an air tight seal that is able to hold water pressure up to 300psi. It is 250% thicker and stronger than most other brands
  • EXTRA LONG HOSE - The hose measures over 34 ft in length and easily fits up to 16-ft trampolines and is adjustable to fit any trampoline net enclosure. A favorite backyard water sprinkler toy, it's like having your own fun water park. It's also a great GIFT IDEA for birthdays and more
  • PREMIUM AMERICAN BRAND - ThrillZoo is an American brand based right here in the USA. We strive for high quality premium products and great customer service. Try out this trampoline sprinkler today! Join the thousands of customers who love our summer products for their backyard

PARIGO Trampoline Sprinkler

No products found.

Next, this PARIGO sprinkler should be considered if you are in need of a cooling system for your trampoline.

This sprinkler not only works incredibly well, but it has a really pleasing aesthetic. Alongside this, its other key features are its anti-UV protection, its 360 degrees coverage, and its bendable tube.


  • 360° – this sprinkler rotates, allowing you to spread water across the trampoline. This means that you can keep your children cool in this weather. It is suitable for most trampolines, even the large 16 feet trampolines.
  • Anti-UV tube – leaving your sprinkler outside all the time can result in it being damaged by the sun. To prevent this from occurring, this tube has been constructed to resist UV light. This thick tube is capable of withstanding strong water pressure.
  • Looks great – this sprinkler comes in a fun white and blue design that will appeal to most kids.
  • Bendable – the tube can be bent, allowing you to install it to whatever shape your trampoline is.
  • Safety oriented – PARIGO is a company that cares about the safety of your children. They have made the sprinkler from non-toxic material. Safety has also motivated the fact that the hose is installed on the outside of the sprinkler.


  • Price – compared to its rivals, this sprinkler is noticeably more expensive. As a result, you should only consider investing in it if you are willing to spend a little extra money. You should not pursue this sprinkler if you are shopping with a smaller budget.

No products found.

OSafe Trampoline Sprinkler System

OSafe Trampoline Sprinkler System for Kids with Adjustable Water Pressure, Fits 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft and 16ft Jump Pads, Soft Flexible 39.3ft Hose, Mounted or Backyard Garden Use, 50 Water Balloons

The fourth item on this list is an excellent OSafe item. It can be used with a number of different trampolines and is suitable for use by a range of different ages.

From the comfort of your backyard, your children can have loads of fun with this sprinkler. It is even accompanied by balloons and zip ties, giving you plenty of bang for your buck!


  • Kid-friendly construction – as a product designed for kids, it is important to take children into consideration when making a trampoline sprinkler. Luckily, this is the case when it comes to OSafe. The sprinkler has been constructed from a non-toxic PE material that manages to be both durable and flexible.
  • Modular adapter – thanks to this feature, the OSafe trampoline sprinkler can be hooked up to a number of taps. It is suitable for both male and female tap heads. Swapping between these two is effortless due to this adapter.
  • 40mm tube – while loads of tubes are only 0.32mm in thickness, this sprinkler is considerably thicker. As a consequence, it will not tear or leak without a fight.
  • 50 balloons – kids love using water balloons. After all, they can make hot days feel bearable. Throwing a water balloon at one of your friends or family members can be truly hilarious. For the entertainment of your kids, this sprinkler comes with 50 water balloons. Moreover, it also features 45 zip ties for installation.
  • Leak-resistant – a sprinkler that loses lots of water would be pretty useless, right? To stop this problem, OSafe’s sprinkler is made to be leakproof.


  • It may have leaks after a while – though this sprinkler has been made to be more durable and less leak proof than other sprinklers, some customers have noted that it is prone to leaking after a few uses. Though not all customers have reported this, it is worth bearing in mind.
OSafe Trampoline Sprinkler System for Kids with Adjustable Water Pressure, Fits 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft and 16ft Jump Pads, Soft Flexible 39.3ft Hose, Mounted or Backyard Garden Use, 50 Water Balloons
  • ✔️ Summertime Trampoline Water Sprinkler – Designed to turn an average trampoline into an unforgettable summer experience these trampoline sprinklers for kids line the top of an enclosure to rain down water as kids play, jump, and bounce all over.
  • ✔️ Soft, Thick, and Flexible Design – Crafted with premium PE material our heavy-duty water trampoline sprinkler supports high-pressure spraying, boasts adjustable water pressure with an easy on/off valve, and connects to garden faucets or water hoses.
  • ✔️ Versatile Top or Bottom Mounting – OSafe water trampoline sprinklers can be attached to the top rail of an enclosure, the bottom bar if you don’t have a net, or used on the ground in the front or backyard to expand your child’s play options.
  • ✔️ Quick and Easy Installation – We’ve included 45 cable ties with every trampoline sprinkler to ensure it can fit 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft and 16ft round trampolines. The zip ties help hold it safely in place during bounces, flips, jumps, and rough play.
  • ✔️ Exciting, Kid-Friendly Extras – Every OSafe sprinkler trampoline attachment also comes with 50 water balloons and a quick-fill adapter to make the outdoor summer fun even more adventurous for boys and girls of all ages.

GOLDFLOWER Trampoline Sprinkler

GOLDFLOWER Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids, Summer Outdoor Toys Sprinkler, Backyard Waterpark Kids Sprinkler, Water Games Toys, Sprinkler for Kids, Trampoline Accessories (39 ft, Black)

The last sprinkler on my list is this brilliant unit. It has been included on this list in large part to its versatility. It has numerous functions, making it a very desirable item.

Aside from this, it is lightweight, smell-free, affordable, and easy to control. Thanks to this sprinkler, you will be able to control the water pressure.


  • Versatile – if you are looking for a multi-function sprinkler, this GOLDFLOWER item will be right up your alley. It can be used to irrigate your garden or vegetable, cool your outside seating area, and used to cool down your swings. As a result, it is outstanding value for money.
  • Affordable – when compared to its rivals, this trampoline sprinkler is cheaper in price. Therefore, it will be an extraordinary option for customers who have a smaller budget.
  • Odorless – though PE is a useful material, its smell can be very unpleasant. Thankfully, this sprinkler does not smell.
  • Easy storage – if you have little storage space, this sprinkler is lightweight and takes up very little space.


  • Thin hose – if you are searching for durability, this may not be the correct sprinkler for you. The hose is quite thin, being only 0.32mm in thickness. Consequently, if you desire a long-lasting hose, it may not be the optimal choice for you.
GOLDFLOWER Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids, Summer Outdoor Toys Sprinkler, Backyard Waterpark Kids Sprinkler, Water Games Toys, Sprinkler for Kids, Trampoline Accessories (39 ft, Black)
  • 【Premium Quality & Safe】Our trampoline sprinkler for kids is made of non-toxic PE, with no smell. The spray hose hasn’t any sharp parts so the child will not get stuck by it when jumping. Besides, the thickened PVC material can effectively prevent the water pipe from bursting due to strong ultraviolet radiation.
  • 【Upgraded design and service 】The 0.32mm thick hose with a leak-proof faucet interface can effectively reduce water loss. This trampoline sprinkler for kids also includes a spare connector switch. You can control the water pressure and keep the water flow smoothly.
  • 【Easy Install & Use】 You will get a 39 ft sprayable hose with a pipe joint, a spare connector switch, 15 fixed straps of 20cm & 15 fixed straps of 30cm. which can be used as a trampoline accessory for up to 12 feet of Trampoline. Just fixing the hose with straps. Keep the hose hole facing inward. Screw the spare switch and connect it with the water faucet. Join in the fun!
  • 【Convenient To Store & Carry 】Sprinkler for kids is compact with a dimension of 183*183*70 mm and can be stored without taking up space. You can easily carry it because of the lightweight. It is suitable for occasions that can establish social relationships such as birthday parties or large groups.
  • 【Summer Cool & Fun】 Toss your phone aside. Enjoy the coolness of the backyard waterpark with the kids. All you need is a trampoline and install our trampoline accessories on it that gets children playing. Meanwhile, this product is also suitable for outdoor cooling, lawn irrigation, garden watering, and so on. Well designed for families and houses.

Buyer’s Guide

Having read my product recommendations, you will now be in a more advantageous position to start looking for a trampoline sprinkler.

This list will have highlighted some of the features to look out for and some of the other ones to avoid. Because of this, you will now have a more thorough understanding of trampoline sprinklers.

Unfortunately, shopping for the right sprinkler for you can be quite daunting. Though it seems like a simple task, there are actually many things you will need to consider.

To help you in your search, I have selected some of the main factors you will need to think about.

I urge you to read through and fully contemplate these features to avoid ending up with a product that is not right for you. The primary factors you will need to consider are:


As much as they love their children, not many parents will want to spend fortunes on a trampoline sprinkler. If you want to buy one of these items, you will probably have to spend at least $15.

Though this is not a particularly high price, you may end up having to spend a lot more than this on more up-market products.

As a result, it is advised that you contemplate the amount of money you are happy to spend on a sprinkler before you start shopping.

If not, you may accidentally spend too much money. This will be an especially important feature to consider if you have a limited budget.

Ease of Installation

Hot weather can make people particularly lazy.

Nobody wants to be doing strenuous labor in warm weather. If this is the case for you, you will want a trampoline sprinkler that is simple to install.

Otherwise, you will end up wasting lots of time and effort. Because of this, I recommend researching how easy a sprinkler is to install. A product should come with detailed instructions.

For example, the ThrillZoo sprinkler provides an instructional video. This will make installing the product much less complicated.


A sprinkler that has been poorly constructed will not last very long. It will likely break and tear apart after just a few uses.

To determine whether a sprinkler is sturdy, you should research which materials have been used.

If a weak or flimsy material has been implemented, you may want to avoid the item.

You should also take into account the thickness of a tube. If it is not very thick, it will likely not be very well protected.

If a tube is very thin, you may want to steer clear of it.

Water Pressure

If a trampoline sprinkler has too high or low water pressure, it will not be very effective. As a result, you will need to bear this in mind when you are shopping around.

You can read the customer reviews, though these are not always the most reliable form of reviews.

However, these reviews can be used to give you an indication of whether a sprinkler has a good level of water pressure.


A large number of customers will not be overly bothered by the appearance of their sprinklers. The reason for this is that most people will simply want their sprinklers to work effectively.

They may not care too much as to whether the appearance of the sprinkler is pleasing or matches their trampoline.

However, other people will care more.

This may be partially motivated by the fact that children can be quite adamant about the color or pattern featured on one of their possessions.

If this is the case for your child, you will want to take into consideration the appearance of a sprinkler. If you think your child will not like the color or design, you may want to avoid it.

You may want to look at products that come in multiple colors since these items give you more options.

Safety Features

When it comes to your children, their safety will be one of your utmost concerns.

If a sprinkler has multiple built-in safety features, it will be an incredible item for your children to use.

After all, it will be difficult for them to injure themselves when these sprinklers are being used.

Sprinklers should be tied to the outside of the trampoline to stop your children from unintentionally grabbing them for support.


Let’s face it, trampoline sprinklers are fairly niche items. As a result, some parents may be reluctant to buy them for their children.

After all, they seemingly only have one function, which is to keep your children cool when they use their trampoline.

Fortunately, some sprinklers are more multi-use. These products can be used to water plants and to keep your garden cool.

Products that are more versatile will be more cost-effective, as you are not just spending money on cooling down your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help enhance your trampoline sprinkler experience, I have answered some of the most commonly asked questions. These are:

How do you install a trampoline sprinkler?

Exact instructions as to how to install a trampoline sprinkler will depend on the brand. Different units will vary as to how they are set up. However, I can provide a general set of instructions.

  1. Connect the tube to a tap.
  2. Unravel the tube.
  3. Pull the tube to the trampoline and begin installing it. To keep it in place, you may want to use zip ties. This should be installed on the entirety of the outside of the trampoline.
  4. Turn on the tap and enjoy your trampoline sprinkler.

Is it okay to put water on a trampoline?

Yes, it is safe to put water on a trampoline.

Most trampolines are made to resist rust. The reason for this is that they will have to withstand water when it rains.

Due to this, trampolines are designed to withstand being kept outside in a variety of weather conditions.

When they are wet, trampolines will become more slippery. Fortunately, these trampolines have bouncy and soft surfaces that make them suitable for these conditions.

Can you lose weight by jumping on a trampoline?

Yes, you can lose weight by using a trampoline. In fact, there are lots of health benefits to using a trampoline.

As a result, it can become an essential part of your fitness regime. If you use a trampoline, you can improve the muscles in your leg, have enhanced core strength, and increase your circulation.

Of course, the benefits you receive from using a trampoline will depend on what exercises you are doing.