Skywalker 12 Foot Trampoline Jump N’ Dunk Review

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If you’re unsure what size of trampoline to get that will surely fit your backyard, then you should consider the Skywalker 12 Foot Trampoline with Jump N’ Dunk.

It may not be the biggest there is but it certainly doesn’t require a lot of outdoor space. In fact, you get to have the same experience as the 15 ft versions.

To give you a better overview of what to expect, we present to you the benefits as well as the flaws of this popular model. You’ll be able to intelligently decide if you should jump on the bandwagon as well.

Skywalker 12 Foot Trampoline Jump N’ Dunk Review

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Skywalker 12 Foot Jump N’ Dunk is a budget-friendly backyard trampoline. It comes with an enclosure net plus a basketball hoop and basketball for added fun. It is very sturdy and durable that even a grown adult can use it.

Skywalker is well-known for manufacturing trampolines, so if this is a first-time purchase for you, I can’t recommend any better brand. This is truer if you don’t want to shell out a lot of cash.

There are a number of sizes available, so if you want to know which size is better for you, be sure to read further as we provide a comprehensive review of this 12 ft model from Skywalker.

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Weight Limit

Skywalker 12 Foot Jump N’ Dunk has a recommended weight capacity of up to 200 lbs. However, it’s quite a conservative capacity as it can easily support up to 250 lbs. I don’t recommend going beyond that, though, for safety purposes.

A good rule of thumb for any trampoline is that the fewer people jumping at the same time the safer it is. This is truer if kids are involved.

You can have up to 4 kids jumping on this at the same time, granted that they are not 10 years old and above. The regular weight of 4 pre-teens adds up to more than 200 lbs.

If the weight capacity is not an issue, you will also need to check if the jumping space is right for you. This is what we will be discussing in the next section.

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The Skywalker 12ft trampoline with basketball hoop has a diameter of 12 feet, which is true to its product name. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s a 12-foot jumping area.

The measurement actually includes the frame or spring cover. The actual jump area is around 10 feet.

The size is ideal for up to 4 small kids or grade-schoolers. If you’re expecting more children to be using the trampoline at the same time, you will need a bigger one to make it more comfortable. The Skywalker 15 Foot Jump N’ Dunk is a better alternative for teens and adults.

The height of the jump area from the ground is around 35 inches. It may seem to be too low, but the well-designed springs can surely prevent the jumping surface from hitting the ground.

The trampoline doesn’t come with a ladder. A simple plastic stool will do for smaller kids.

If you have a vacant garage with a high ceiling, you can opt to squeeze this Skywalker 12 Foot Jump N’ Dunk inside. Its exact height from the ground up to the tip of the poles is around 8.8 feet. I’ve known some people even set aside space inside their house for this particular size.


Part of being a great entry-level trampoline, Skywalker 12 Foot Jump N’ Dunk is made from materials that are sure to last for years.

It has 72 springs made of tightly-coiled steel. Each of them is galvanized to make it rust-resistant. It’s a very important factor to consider since a backyard trampoline is always exposed to the weather.

Both frame and springs are made of strong galvanized steel. T-sockets are used to reinforce each leg and enclosure joint connections. This is a better option than welded joints which gets structurally unstable over time.

The combination of the W-shaped legs and the T-sockets help maintain frame stability.

It helps to remove the possibility of structural twisting, which is a common issue with cheaply-made trampolines.


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As part of the brand’s focus on fun and safety, Skywalker uses their patented “No-Gap” technology on all their trampolines with enclosures. It may not be as phenomenal as when sliced bread was invented, but it is a great innovation which accentuates the fun by eliminating our worries.

This simply means that there are no gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface.

Children can get quite crazy while jumping on a trampoline. For this particular instance, while it may be hard to get rid of the possibility of body parts hitting each other, the patented design for the enclosure completely eliminates injuries from the springs or the frame itself.

The enclosure net can be taken off and is not permanently attached. However, it would be best to keep it installed especially with children. The easily catches the kids when they lose their balance. It effectively keeps them inside.

Compared to other brands, this model has each of their supporting poles angled outwards near the base. This design ensures that even if your child accidentally hits the net in front of the pole, he will not slam to the foam-padded pole.

Additional Features

The Skywalker 12 Foot Trampoline Jump N’ Dunk comes with a basketball hoop and 2 foam balls made of soft materials. They can be easily attached by securing the ropes on two adjacent poles.

The hoop itself is attached to the soft board with Velcro. Your child can dunk the ball without the worry of any wrist injury or the enclosure net getting torn.

Installing this basketball accessory is optional, though. You can choose not to set it up in the first place.

This 12ft trampoline does not come with wind stakes upon purchase. You’ll need to get it separately especially if you live in a place where it can be easily blown away. It’s certainly not good to wake up with your trampoline mangled on your neighbor’s lawn.

Setting Up

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Setting up a trampoline may look like a daunting task. However, it is not something that would require you to hire a professional. It can actually be done in 2 hours, or less if you have your entire family helping you out.

The 10-step process below will give you a quick overview of the tasks that need to be done. Even if you haven’t assembled a trampoline in your life yet, you will come to understand that it’s not really that complicated.

  1. Connect 1 section of the base frame using the T-sockets and T-joints provided
  2. Assemble 1 W-shaped leg to connect to the frame
  3. Connect the leg to the base frame on step 1 through the T-sockets/joints
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for all the remaining 5 sections of the frame
  5. Connect all the frames together
  6. Attach the springs on the jump pad with an enclosure to the frame
  7. Then attach the edge pad which covers the springs
  8. Assemble the poles
  9. Attach the poles to the enclosure net
  10. Insert the enclosure poles and you’re done!

These steps remain the same for whichever size of Skywalker trampoline you choose. Of course, smaller ones like the Skywalker 8ft trampoline can easily be done by a single person only.

You can place the trampoline either on a concrete floor or on the grass as long as the ground is leveled. The grass underneath the trampoline doesn’t actually die. However, you will still need to move it around every now and then to mow the lawn.

Consumer Ratings

The Skywalker 12 Foot Jump N’ Dunk received a very high rating from buyers on Amazon. The customers are satisfied with how easy it is to set up. They also love how the enclosure net keeps their kids safe.

A few people received their trampolines with some parts missing. This immediately prompted them to give a bad review. We cannot actually control this incident, so my advice is to check that all parts as soon as you receive the shipment. Do this even before attempting to assemble it.

All of the trampoline models from Skywalker comes with a 3-year limited warranty for the frame and 1-year limited warranty for the rest of the materials.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for first-time buyers
  • No-Gap enclosure ensures safety for kids
  • T-sockets reinforces the structure well


  • Does not come with a ladder
  • Not as durable as other high-end brands


If you do not have enough space to get a 15-foot trampoline installed in your backyard, then this 12-foot version is the one that we recommend. This is especially true if you’re actually planning to have it set up on your spare garage or room.

This is a great choice as a first-time buyer. The warranty is quite long and the trampoline’s lifetime actually surpasses this.

The Skywalker 12 Foot Trampoline Jump N’ Dunk is a great choice not just for kids but for adults as well. It’s easy to set up and is budget-friendly as well. If you’re still unsure about this model, I suggest that you check my other recommendations of the best trampoline this year.

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