Mini Trampoline for Kids – Reviews, Ratings and Buyer’s Guide

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When you’re looking to buy a mini trampoline for kids, what you need to prioritize is safety above all else.

While there are a lot of models on the market that are promoted to be kid-friendly, sadly, not all of them are worth buying. Some of them break down easily and worse, there are those which are very unsafe for your child.

Fret no more. We‘ve narrowed down your choices into 6 of the safest and most durable.

In the next section, you’ll find a comparison table of the products that we recommend. This will help give you a quick overview of their features and how each of them compares to the other.

Further below, you’ll find reviews for each of them so you can have a clear picture of what to expect (and what not) if you decide to get the item.

We’d like to sincerely help you in arriving at an informed decision in choosing which mini trampoline for kids is right for your little one.

Best Mini Trampoline for Kids this 2021

Kids’ Trampoline Reviews

SportsPower My First Trampoline by Bounce Pro – Overall Best Children’s Trampoline

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SportsPower My First Trampoline has a safety net that encloses the entire perimeter of the jumping area. You’re sure that your child will NOT bounce off the trampoline and hit the floor.

This model also has a stable base because the jumping mat is just around 18 inches off the ground. This means that there’s no need to worry about it tipping over even if your child intentionally slams on the net.

When it comes to durability, SportsPower My First Trampoline achieves this with its galvanized and rust-resistant frame. The frame itself is well hidden underneath, while the poles that support the net are well-padded.

You can set this mini trampoline up either indoors or outdoors. It’s netting and jumping mat is both UV treated. However, we would suggest that you place it under a canopy for added protection and to keep yourself safe from being exposed too much under the sun.

SportsPower My First Trampoline is a great choice for your active child to get her heart pumping and muscles developing. She gets to enjoy jumping to her heart’s content, while you get to have peace of mind that your little one won’t fall over.

Skywalker 60” Seaside Adventure – Best Mini Trampoline with Enclosure

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Skywalker 60” is a mini trampoline that’s safe for toddlers up to those who are at their pre-teens. It has a large jumping area and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What makes this model stand out from the rest is their patented no-gap technology. The springs are altogether separated from the jump area as they’re located outside the enclosure. It effectively prevents any pinch points which is a common accident to most spring-based units.

This design is just an added feature since the Skywalker 60” uses elastic bands instead of springs.

It’s jumping mat also has a seaside theme which can be used for functional play. For instance, you say to your child to jump on the dolphin imprint or switch to the starfish. This is another unique feature that this model offers.

If you’re looking for a model that can accommodate your child who is between 3 to 11 years old, then Skywalker 60” Seaside Adventure is your best bet. It has a large jumping surface and the enclosure net is designed to handle even the most active child. Plus, it includes a 3-year warranty upon purchase.

Pure Fun Super Jumper – Bounciest Trampoline for Children

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While a firm bounce is essential for toddlers and younger kids to support their balance, older children will find this boring. This trampoline model is designed for kids who want to bounce higher and yet safer, by using springs instead of elastic bands.

Pure Fun Super Jumper approaches safety differently. They included the springs as part of the jumping area but managed to keep it safe for your child.

Compared to Skywalker, they’ve sectioned off the springs vertically instead of horizontally. They’ve added a mesh on top of the spring to cover it effectively. Then a padded cover is placed above the protective mesh to visually hide the springs and add further safety.

With this design, your child has a bigger area to jump on and you don’t need to worry about any possible pinched toes at all.

This model also comes with an ergonomically padded handlebar so your child can hold on to it while reaching new heights.

If what you’re looking for is the bounciest trampoline for kids, then Pure Fun Super Jumper is what we recommend. While there are other spring-based models on the market, this is what we found to be the safest. You don’t have to worry about springs snapping or toes getting pinched at all.

Kangaroo 36” Hopper – Kids’ Trampoline with Handle

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Kangaroo 36” trampoline is similar to Pure Fun above but makes use of elastic bands. This is a great option for those who are not comfortable with springs regardless if they’re covered or separated from the jump area.

The bands still offer a great bounce but are on the firm side. This is a great choice if your child is still on her toddler years as she wouldn’t have a hard time keeping her balance.

Also, this model comes with a handlebar that your little one can hold on to while jumping. The only caveat is that you need to keep an eye on her from hanging on the bar. There have been some rare cases with this mini trampoline tipping over when a child hangs on the bar.

This kiddie trampoline can be used both indoors and outdoors with its UV-resistant jumping mat. We advise that you use a canopy, though, if you want to place this in the backyard under the sun.

If what you want are elastic bands to power your child’s every jump, then you should go with Kangaroo 36” Hopper. It has a big jump area and comes with a handlebar to help maintain your child’s balance.

Little Tikes 3’ – Best Trampoline That Never Tips Over

41V2h1z6SKL - mini trampoline for kids

Little Tikes is known for creating products for playful and active children so it’s not a big surprise that they’re able to create a superior mini trampoline for kids.

While most brands use either elastic bands (or bungee cords) or springs, every Little Tikes 3′ trampoline uses elastic webbing. It doesn’t snap easily like bungee cords and it’s a lot safer than springs.

We consider this as the safest indoor trampoline for kids barring net enclosures.

It comes with a well-designed and padded handlebar that’s attached directly to the legs. This ensures that there’s zero possibility of it tipping over even if your little one ends up swinging on the handlebar.

The elastic webbing and the handlebar-to-legs connection greatly are the secret to Little Tikes 3’ trampoline being very safe.

If you end up buying this model, you’ll be able to set this up in as little as 20 mins. It comes to you almost fully-assembled, you just need to attach the handlebar.

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is the right choice if want your child to enjoy jumping without an enclosure net, and without you worrying over any accidents or injuries. Its unique design allows even the most hyperactive child to hang onto its handlebar without the risk of tipping over.

The Original Toy Company Fold and Go

41GTNliwWIL - mini trampoline for kids

The Original Toy Company Fold and Go sets itself apart from this list by being the only one that can be folded. It’s a great feature if you want to keep things tidy when your child is not using it, but there’s a caveat that you need to know first.

This model comes with a handlebar that helps support your kid while jumping. It’s especially useful for younger kids who are still trying to master their balance.

It makes use of bungee cords instead of springs for safety. These cords are also well-padded making it part of the jumping area.

However, its folding capability may not be as easy as you would expect.

You will need to remove the 4 screws on the handlebar before you fold it in half, and do it in reverse if you want your little one to use it again. Still, you can always forego this process and just leave it intact.

If you’re looking for a mini trampoline for kids that can be folded, we recommend Fold and Go from The Original Toy Company. Folding and u folding it may not be as simple, but it’s still a great choice if this is your priority. Otherwise, you can always pick the others we mentioned earlier.

Are Mini Trampolines Safe for Kids?

Here at, we don’t only recommend specific brands or models but also give you an understanding of how to choose and use one. With children’s trampoline, it’s especially important that we know which is safest for our kids.

Mini trampolines are safe for kids, but trampoline parks are not. This also means that backyard trampolines are not recommended as well unless you’re going to jump together with your child.

The common misconception about trampolines being unsafe in general is pretty much like saying that teaching them how to ride a bike is dangerous and should be avoided entirely.

However, we also do not encourage the use of trampoline parks for younger kids.

The rule of thumb is that the more kids jumping at the same time, the greater the risk of injuries. Limbs flailing, bodies hitting each other, or heads bumping is what your child could experience especially if other children are jumping wildly.

While your little one listens to you well, things can get out of hand if there are other kids involved.

That’s why we recommend that you use a mini-trampoline at home for toddlers and preschoolers. You can make sure that only one child is using it and most of all, you can supervise the activity well.

Another factor to consider is that trampolines with a higher capacity for jumping are more likely to cause injuries to little children. That’s because it’s harder for them to keep their balance when they land. These are the types of trampoline that you would commonly find in parks.

A mini trampoline is safe for kids because they are primarily designed to offer a firmer bounce. This means your child has more control of her balance. Even if your preschooler jumps wildly, it will only allow her to do tiny bounces.

How Old Should a Child Be to Use a Trampoline?

Children under the age of three should never be allowed to jump on a backyard trampoline. Instead, they should be using a mini-trampoline. However, not all models are truly safe, that’s why we’ve given you our list of the 6 safest kiddie trampolines you can buy.

Pre-schoolers up to their pre-teens should continue to use trampolines designed for kids. You can, however, choose to upgrade to those with enclosures like the Skywalker 60”. It’s spring-based so it offers a better bouncing experience.

When your child hits the teenage years, mini trampolines would be too small to accommodate her anymore. It would then be unsafe for her to use it with her now more rigorous jumping.

For teens and above, what you need is a backyard trampoline. The Skywalker 12 Foot model is a great choice as it offers the same no-gap technology that adds safety to the jumpers. It also comes with a basketball hoop that can be hanged on the enclosure net.

Is Jumping Good for Toddlers?

There’s a subconscious reason why toddlers love to jump. The most obvious is that it’s fun for them.

Deep down inside, though, their body knows that it’s good for them. Here is a list of benefits that your little one can get with jumping:

  • Improved balance
  • Boost in self-esteem
  • Improved motor skills
  • Improved cardi
  • More restful sleep

That’s why also recommends that we encourage our toddlers to jump (and run). “Toddlers love being active. The more opportunities you give your toddler to run around, the happier he will be. Running and jumping are great ways to improve your toddler’s movement and coordination and to keep his heart and bones healthy.”, according to BabyCenter.

We can encourage them to jump on the sofa or bed while lining the furniture and floor with soft pillows. However, it’s not as safe as mini-trampolines.

Mini trampolines very low vertical clearance, which makes it stable and protects your child from getting injuries if she ends up landing on the floor. The jumping mat is firm than those of your sofa, so they can better control their balance.

You’ll also notice that we only recommend those with rounded shapes on this list. Round trampolines are the ideal, if not the right, shape for a kiddie trampoline since the shape helps keep the jumper at the center. It’s the reason why rebounders used for exercises also go with the same round shape.

Wrapping It Up

A mini trampoline for kids is one of the best ways to keep your child happy and active in the comfort of your own home. It’s not only extremely fun for them, but helps them to improve their coordination, increase bone density, and keeps their heart pumping.

If you decide to get one from our recommendations here, you’ll experience peace of mind that your child is safe as well. Best of all, you’ll help your little princess burn off her excess energy, allowing her to sleep soundly. This, in turn, helps boosts their mood and improve their focus.

In case you still find it hard to decide which one to get, SportsPower My First Trampoline is the best of the best this year. It’s safe for your child, and very durable to last even past her early teenage years.