Bellicon Reviews

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Finding a way of exercising that doesn’t put pressure on the joints can be a challenge.

Many people have found that using a rebounder provides a great workout without exacerbating existing issues with joints, however you have to choose the right product for maximum benefit.

The Bellicon mini trampoline is a popular choice for those looking for a gentle exercise option.

There are lots of variations with the rebounder, but most features are the same throughout the range.

It’s useful to investigate several models to identify which one is best for you. What’s so great about Bellicon specifically?

Why Bellicon?

BUNGEES! A trampoline is only as strong as its bungee and bellicon have smashed it in that department (not literally, obviously).

They offer 5 different strengths of bungee that are fully customizable depending on your health needs.

The super sinus bungee offers upward and downward movements that take the same amount of time which changes cell pressure when bouncing, providing new oxygen with each bounce.

If ascetics are important to you, do not fear, Bellicon will design your trampoline the way you want and with 10 different color options.

You can even opt for a multicolored one, what’s not to love?

Bellicon offers two mat styles; standard and comfort. The standard mat is super robust and guarantees point elastic bounce.

The braid enables you to identify the jumping edge during training. The comfort mat benefits from extra padding and has an extra training area, which is handy if you enjoy exercise that requires lying down.

The trampolines come with three different frame sizes—100/112/125 cm. The Bellicon classic and classic premium plus.

Screw-in legs make the trampoline simple to construct, and the folding legs means they are easy to store and can slide behind other items without hassle.

The trampoline frame has a steel powder coating that compliments any chosen color.

In addition, the stainless steel frame is scratch and rust resistant making it a fantastic investment that will last. It also benefits from a 5-year guarantee.

Whatever you decide, you’ll be getting a high quality rebounder.

In fact, Bellicon won an award for being back and joint-friendly, so let’s look at some specifics of the Bellicon Go (44”) model.

Bellicon Classic 44” 

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What’s Included/Specifications

When you receive your rebounder it will include: mat, frame, bungees and grippy socks.

You do need to assemble it yourself, but it’s a simple process if you follow the instructions. The specs are as follows:

  • 14” tall
  • 44“ diameter
  • Bungee technology
  • UV resistant polypropylene mat
  • 3 part frames
  • Supports 440 pounds (0.2 t)
  • Customisable configuration


Bellicon manufactures several customisable trampolines/rebounders. The GO series is considered a value brand and is the most popular.

Bellicon offers two subscription online services with many programs to suit everyone.

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Setting Up

The original Bellicon products come pre-assembled, so if this is an important factor you may want to select an older model.

If you decide on the Bell icon GO, you’ll need to put it together yourself. Don’t let the assembly process put you off; it’s really very simple.

Everything you need is organized and comes nicely packed for a stress-free experience.

When you unpack the box, you’ll understand the quality of the Bellicon GO.

The German-engineered rebounder offers a heavy steel construction, strong bungees, and a thick mat surface that is multilayered and designed to gym-quality specifications.

The instructions are easy to follow and offer a diagram as well as a detailed written explanation. In a nutshell, you will do the following:

  • Attach bungees to mat using plastic clips (30)
  • Attach steel parts together
  • Loop bungees around frame
  • Screw 5 posts

It takes around 30 minutes to construct alone, so half the time with two people.

The Bellicon website has a guide to help you to match the right bungees to your training and weight type.

You can select options for various colored mats, and many more configurations and add-ons with some models, such as a T-bar for advanced workout.

This model isn’t the cheapest and starts at $499, but it’s well worth the investment as build quality is superb.

The frame is solid, and the mat is designed for durability and easy cleaning.

Not only will this rebounder last for life, it gives you confidence that it won’t fail and will be safe during use.

Bellicon Live

Bellicon offers two different online subscriptions. They contain hundreds of workouts specifically designed for your rebounder.

Bellicon Home is browser-based and is a video-on-demand option updated weekly.

Bellicon Live is app-based and offers access to lots of different live classes daily. They both provide get-started videos, progress tracking and fitness plans.

When you log into the live app you will be presented with a schedule of the available classes that day which are hosted by instructors from different countries and time zones.

Bellicon will also email you each week with a schedule, so you can plan ahead.

The app offers several methods for browsing the content catalog.

For example, if you select HIIT as your required exercise type, you will be presented with the live schedule for next HIIT classes as well as a selection of on-demand videos.

There is also the option to choose a low-intensity program if you’re a newbie and if you suffer from physical limitations.

For the more hardcore fitness enthusiasts there are more advanced options. In addition, there are also programs available that offer different time lengths depending on your specific schedule.

There is also the option to browse by instructor, and each of them have a particular style and specialty. Furthermore, there are also programs available in different languages.

You can add your favorite program to a list so you can find it easily, or download videos to use offline.

There’s a surprising amount of content available and with a bit of exploration, you could probably find anything you need to fit in with you personally.

When you decide which workout to use, you have the option to go full screen or follow along with the instructor.

It follows a similar format to most routines. They start with a warm-up, followed by a routine of increasing and decreasing in intensity.

The coaching instructor offers alternative techniques to follow if you are limited in any way physically.

A timer counts you down throughout the duration of the exercise program.

The programs offer a lot of content related to strength building and developing stability mobility, core training with some yoga thrown in.

Obviously, everything includes the rebounder in one way or another.

There are 17 different instructors to choose from in the live app and many languages available.

You can take advantage of live classes that are streamed from all over Europe and the U.S., meaning that due to the different time zones it’s easy to find live events to fit your lifestyle.

You may spend a fair amount of time browsing the many videos, but Bellicon Live’s catalog makes it easy to experiment and try different program combinations to discover what works for you.

In addition, you are able to run the app on third-party TV services like Apple TV, Android ROKU.

Bellicon also offers a home service which is browser based but doesn’t provide live classes, but they do offer weekly updates.

It’s worth considering the price difference when deciding what online option to choose.

The Live app is around $20 a month and the Home service is $10 a month.

Both offer discounts if you decide on a yearly subscription. If you can’t quite decide, both offer trials.


The trampoline is a great way of allowing you to build stability and provide a cardio workout with low-impact movement.

For example, if you have mobility issues you may avoid doing high knee exercises on a flat surface, but with this trampoline it’s easy and pain free.

The super strong construction of the Bellicon GO instills confidence as you try different exercise.; it’s so strong and stable even when doing hardcore lateral moves or high jumps.

It can be tricky to stay balanced but this will come with practice. You won’t ever feel like the trampoline is unstable or likely to collapse on you.

Another great thing about this trampoline is its accessibility. You place the trampoline pretty much anywhere in your home.

It’s easy to move about, just do your program and pop it away in a closet or corner out of the way when you are finished.

Although the long programs are fantastic and useful, you can also use it for strength training and quick HITT workouts when time is limited.

It’s super convenient and there’s no complicated setup required.

For safety reasons, Bellicon recommends that you use the rebounder wearing grippy socks provided or barefoot.

You can even wear trainers if you like, but normal socks may be dangerous as it’s easy to slip in them.


So, there we have it.

The Bellicon trampolines are pure quality and if you’re serious about rebounding becoming part of your life, you really can’t go wrong with any one of these products.