Best In-Ground Trampoline

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In Ground Trampolines are becoming the go-to option for families looking to install some fun into their outside area.

If you have kids that need to be taken away from their screens then an in-ground trampoline is a great idea.

Trampolining can become addictive but you don’t want to obscure the view of your garden with those huge, obtrusive safety nets that you get with above-ground trampolines.

After getting the outside area just how you want it, the trampoline should be fitted and largely inconspicuous.

When the children aren’t bouncing away you want to be able to enjoy the view.

Not having to peer through a safety net to spot the flowers you’ve planted or the barbeque you bought.

Largely hidden from view, in-ground trampolines provide hours of fun as well as exercise and fresh air. They do require some DIY excavation yet this is a worthwhile investment.

These trampolines are set close to the ground so are an ideal alternative if your garden has restricted space.

Without that inhibiting, enclosed surrounding, they’re a subtle, valuable addition to your backyard. I’ve produced a helpful guide to help you pick the right in-ground trampoline for you and your family.

BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 14ft with Safety Enclosure Net Deluxe

BERG Champion LoGround 14ft Trampoline with Safety Net, Trampoline for Kids, High Performance & Safety Features, Jump Higher with Airflow

With 30 years experience in outdoor playtime, you can rest assured that your BERG trampoline has been developed well. The BERG Champion range is produced for both long and safe bouncing.

That’s largely down to TwinSpring Gold springs combined with the AirFlow jumping technique.

Those springs are mounted in a ‘V’ shape which is ideal for a trampoline. A lot of designs push jumpers to the middle, with a ‘V’ shape mount there’s a larger, more efficient jumping space.

Then there’s the AirFlow technique which even allows for higher jumping. BERG have designed a jumping mat that allows for increased airflow meaning less air resistance and bigger bounces.

A reassuringly sturdy, strong frame should have a long lifespan.

For one, it has a diameter of 42mm combined with a wall thickness of another 2mm, a solid zinc layer and even a powdercoat. Protective padding results makes this a solid, safe choice in trampolines.


  • ‘V’ shape mounted TwinSpring Gold Springs – The ‘V’ shape makes for a more efficient space to bounce
  • AirFlow Technique – A jumping mat that permits more airflow so less jumping resistance
  • Strong Frame – Evenly distributed frame though the most favorable place to jump in the center
  • Slight Raise – The design means that air can escape through the sides


  • Round design – Despite the ‘V’ shape springs, most jumpers head for the center anyway. Not ideal for children’s parties

BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 11ft with Safety Enclosure Net Deluxe

BERG Champion LoGround 11ft Trampoline with Safety Net, Trampoline for Kids, High Performance & Safety Features, Jump Higher with Airflow

If you have an area of a limited size then 11 feet is about right and still means ample bouncing with this trampoline.

That’s still a fair amount of space yet you’ll want to ensure you get the most out of your backyard.

While the BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 11ft may not be ideal for large parties, it’s still an efficiently compact design.

For added relief to those who want to admire their backyard, the enclosure net is removable. However, when the trampoline is in use it’s recommended the net remains attached.

Due to a reinforced upper edge, the deluxe net should remain taut. It’s also surrounded by a reassuringly thick layer of foam around the poles.

You also still get a 265 pound weight limit which for the size it is should be sufficient for a couple of kids.


  • Compact Design – The 11 foot size makes it ideal for small gardens
  • Removable Enclosure Nets – The enclosure net is removable meaning your garden need not be obscured
  • 265 pound weight limit – Despite its size the weight limit is still a sizeable 265 pounds


  • Large Installation Hole – Still requires a 30” hole for installation, maybe more to aid with drainage

In-Ground Trampolines 15ft Standard

In-Ground Trampolines (Blue, 15'

For a trampoline with discretion in mind, choose the In-Ground Trampolines Standard. The safety nets are removable so not only will the trampoline lie flush to the ground it’ll hide below the fence.

Apart from whoever’s bouncing on it though. The 15 foot design is ideal for a sizable trampoline that won’t dominate your backyard.

You need not worry about airflow, water collection and corrosion as the modern design has taken care of all that.

Have confidence in the pre-galvanized and tapered springs resulting in a bounce that’s worth talking about. The bungee system that’ll put less stress on the seams.

Then there’s the galvanized steel frame, the 14 gauge steel tubing that’s then supported by another 18 gauge steel wall panels.

All that steel is fastened together with even more stainless steel and it’s even galvanized for resistance from corrosion.

With even more springs there’s a huge 450 pound weight limit so even a large party can safely bounce. The jump surface also uses airflow technology to give added performance.


  • Flush To The Ground – Discreet design and won’t obscure your backyard
  • Higher Spring Count – Pre-galvanized and tapered springs mean for higher, deeper bounces
  • Bungee System – Redesigned pads to offer flexibility and less stress on the seams for long-lasting performance
  • Galvanized Steel Frame – Should be well protected from rust and corrosion
  • 450 pound Weight Limit – Increased springs allows for a higher weight limit


  • Lack of Safety Net – Though you could buy a Safety Net Adapter Kit, an actual Safety Net is not provided and would need to be attached to the frame before installing
  • Costly Replacement Parts – A replacement safety pad can be found cheaper at many general stores when it wears out
In-Ground Trampolines (Blue, 15'
  • Pre-engineered 15' In-Ground Trampoline system with Blue pad

BERG Trampoline Inground Champion Oval 17ft with Safety Enclosure Net Deluxe

BERG Trampoline Grand Champion InGround 17ft with Safety Net | Trampoline for Kids, High Performance & Safety Features, Jump Higher with Airflow

If size is what you’re after and you’ve got ample room then the BERG Trampoline Inground Champion Oval 17ft is the one.

At that size you could include the trampoline installation as part of a larger garden project.

Thankfully, once measured, the oval design is relatively easy to install and should only take a couple of hours after digging the hole.

The shape itself also makes it more efficient and should provide for good, high bouncing wherever someone decides to jump.

At 17 foot, it’s also ideal for larger children’s parties with few jumpers heading for the middle for higher bounces.

Alongside the deluxe safety net, that PVC padding adds to the safety in this well-designed trampoline. Made from a super quality PVC that’s UV-resistant with a protective edge means it’ll last longer and need not be replaced due to fading.


  • Efficient Oval – The oval shape allows for a larger jumping surface
  • Party-Friendly – As one of the larger models, more people can join in for a bounce
  • Sturdy Design – The design makes for a very sturdy, solid bounce


  • Requires Larger Garden – At a size of 17 feet this trampoline needs to be in a larger garden to accommodate it

Capital Play In-ground Trampoline Kit 14ft x 10ft

Capital Play Inground Trampoline 14ft x 10ft Rectangle | 264lbs User Weight | Unique Airflow | Easy Installation | Long Warranties (Green Pads)

A rectangular design is relatively hard to find for a trampoline. Especially for the garden. If you have a child who wants to become a gymnast in a future Olympics then you should consider one.

The Capital Play In-ground Trampoline comes in at 14 foot x 10 foot giving it ample room for twists and somersaults.

The design is truly in-ground. So in-ground you might forget it’s even there as it’ll blend seamlessly into your backyard.

A rectangular design also means that it’ll likely be easier to slot in place.

The system comes with a retaining wall included. This is specifically for ease of installation and for increased strength.

Not that the trampoline lacks solidity. The frame is made from 2mm thick, galvanized steel. No need to worry about that but the frame itself does come with a 10 year warranty.

Even the 8.5” springs are pre-tensioned and uniquely canonical for performance. You can choose between gray or green pads if you want it to appear truly incognito amongst your grass.


  • Flush To Ground – The trampoline will blend into the lawn and your backyard
  • Varied Pads – Choose from either green or gray pads
  • Vented Safety Pads – These allow for air to flow through the padding
  • Commercial Grade Springs – Pre-tensioned springs with a canonical shape, ideal for performance
  • Double Strength Frame – Thick, galvanized steel makes this a really strong frame


  • Very Discreet – Level to the ground, easy for guests to fail to notice it
Capital Play Inground Trampoline 14ft x 10ft Rectangle | 264lbs User Weight | Unique Airflow | Easy Installation | Long Warranties (Green Pads)
  • WHY CHOOSE US? - Our inground trampoline kit offers fun and engaging activities for your family. They are flush with the ground, eliminating the need for ladders and zippers, making them more durable and easier to assemble than traditional trampolines. Our rebound trampoline is designed for minimal soil disposal, and we offer detailed instructions and advice if needed.
  • SAFETY & QUALITY – The Capital inground trampoline kit offers a safe and fun experience for your kids. The trampoline mat and safety padding is flush to the ground, eliminating the risk of falling off a ladder or forgetting to zip it up. High quality component parts make this trampoline extremely safe, with thicker safety padding, stronger commercial grade jump mat and extra strong rigid frame adding to the safety.
  • SUITABLE FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - The in ground trampoline is a perfect addition to any outdoor space, providing endless entertainment for kids and adults alike. With full, detailed instructions available for download, and phone support always available at your disposal the assembly process becomes an incredibly easy and fun experience for the whole family.
  • COMPACT DOUBLE STRENGTH FRAME - We are the only company to use a double frame system. Nothing else comes close to this seriously rigid galvanized frame. Made from 2mm thick, double-dip steel, this super strong frame is designed to be in the ground for years to come. Unbeatable 10 year frame warranty underlines our assurance in our rectangle trampolines.
  • VARIOUS COLORS AND SIZES - We are excited to offer you our trampoline in ground, which is available in three different sizes. Each size offers unique features and benefits, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your backyard. Additionally, we offer two colors of green and gray for our trampolines.

Buyer’s Guide


The size of the trampoline will clearly be dictated by the size of your backyard.

At a minimum you should consider 10 feet and some models go all the way up to 17 feet.

You’ll need some room around the sides so allow for a couple of feet leeway. There’s also the dug hole to consider as trampolines require several inches of space below to allow for sizable bouncing.

This space below can amount from 30” to 36” and maybe even more for drainage. At the sides of the hole the space would be reduced yet still amount to at least 20”.

Do bear in mind that a lot of trampolines include a sitting area on the edge to allow jumpers a space to rest.

Try to be extra careful with the sizing of your backyard, there’s no going back once that hole is dug.


Choose from round, oval or rectangular. The main difference between round and oval is the bounce. On a round trampoline the best bounce is in the middle hence everyone heads there.

An oval design is closer to the rectangular and provides a more even, efficient bouncing surface. Curved designs are more common yet the rectangular shape is arguably the easier to consider.

Plus it’s ideal if you have a budding gymnast you need to learn how to do certain routines.

Safety Nets

A safety net is recommended at all times, especially for large parties. This is essentially to prevent anyone from bouncing outside of the tent and landing awkwardly.

An ambulance arriving at a party is not a great look in front of the neighbours. However, a lot of trampolines come with safety nets that are removable.

For an in-ground trampoline this is ideal for discretion as few will see a net extended higher than the fence.

Number of Springs/Weight Limit

For the weight limit you should also look at the number of springs. The more springs usually means a higher weight limit.

This is because more weight can be distributed evenly if there’s less space between the springs.

Instability tends to be a concern with trampolines yet with an in-ground design in an underground trench there’s more stability.

There are also retaining walls for that extra protection for even the most intense jumpers. Unlike above-ground trampolines, there’s a higher weight capacity which is important if multiple people are jumping at the same time.

Bounce and Performance

Most trampolines are designed for longevity. That means a lot of thought in the design has gone into ensuring high bounces and a long-lasting performance.

The length of the springs is also important, the longer the springs the higher the possible bounce. On average, trampolines have around 80 to 90 springs and should provide good bounce if they’re longer than 7”.

That’s why a lot of the steel in the frame and the springs is pre-galvanized to prevent corrosion. You also shouldn’t worry about the trampoline being left in bad weather.

As it’s underground it should be protected by wind and the pre-galvanized steel is protection from rain. Even the springs themselves tend to be pre-tensioned so they’ve been tested thoroughly.

Bouncing on a trampoline is also highly addictive so a lot of the design goes into ensuring that parts need not be replaced.


Most trampolines are built to last. Any weakening of the materials could add a dangerous element so precautions are taken.

Knowing how addictive bouncing can be means that only high-quality materials are used to ensure long-lasting durability.

The frame should be made of higher-gauge and stainless steel. The springs should be pre-galvanized to prevent water damage and rust from rain or snow.

The jumping surface is also considered with a waterproof level being required.

There is also UV protection to ensure that the color doesn’t fade after a few prolonged summers out in the backyard.

DIY Installation

Before attempting to dig the installation hole yourself, check the soil and consider the climate.

If it’s a clay soil and a damp climate, the drainage is not going to be ideal. If the soil is relatively loose you could install this as a DIY project.

You would need to start by digging a hole an inch or two bigger than the diameter of the trampoline. The hole needs to be at its deepest in the centre and deep enough for retaining walls at both sides.

To prevent water pools in the hole you should set the frame higher than the grade of the backyard.

You could also dig a bigger hole and part-fill it with gravel at the top to prevent standing water.

Only water that falls on the jump mat should pool in the middle unless there’s major flooding.

For added safety it’d be recommended that the surrounding area is soft grass and not concrete or anything hard.

The installation of a trampoline is a sizable job and probably ideal to contact a landscaping company for some advice beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an in-ground and an above-ground trampoline?

In-ground trampolines are considered safer than the above-ground models. This is largely as they’re closer to the ground.

That means there’s no ladder for children to fall off and less of a gap outside the trampoline for any possible accidents.

With the option of a removable safety net, or none at all included, there’s also less of a problem of children zipping themselves in.

Finally, the lack of height also means there’s less chance it’ll be seen above your fence.

How safe are in-ground trampolines?

Compared to above-ground trampolines, in-ground ones are safer. This is largely due to the base that is dug up underground which is sturdier than metal legs.

Also, the jumping mat is only a few centimeters off the ground, if at all. Good to know if anyone falls off that there’s only so much of a gap below.

Most come with a safety net anyway to prevent people falling out.

How big should my garden be?

It’s not just the size of your garden to consider, it’s the depth too. Unlike above-ground trampolines, you’ll need to dig a sizable hole underneath.

This can be between 20” and 36” or even more to allow for drainage.

Before you decide whether you’ve got a big enough gap in your backyard, check if the soil can be dug up easily first.

You should also check what type of soil it is, a clay-based soil will be harder to dig up and drainage may prove troublesome.