Skywalker 60” Trampoline Round Seaside Adventure Review

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If you have been searching for a small trampoline with a net to keep your child safe while bouncing, then Skywalker 60” Trampoline is one of your best choices. While there are other models available with the same features, this one has several designs that make it very safe to use.

However, there are some limitations you need to be aware of before making a purchase.

In this detailed review, I will not only be expanding on the benefits your child will get from this trampoline, but will also reveal some potential issues as well. By the end of this article, you should be able to confidently decide if this is the right one to get.

Skywalker 60” Trampoline Review

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Skywalker 60” Trampoline is designed to help improve your child’s balance and coordination while burning off excess energy at the same time. It has an enclosure net and padded handlebars to keep your side safe while bouncing. It also makes use of stretch bands instead of springs.

The manufacturer, Skywalker, is one of the best trampoline brands which focuses on both safety and fun. Their patented designs allow for worry-free bouncing, especially with kids.

This round trampoline is designed for indoor use only, though. While it can endure a few days out in the lawn under the summer heat, damages, when used outdoors, will immediately void the warranty. In the next sections, you will learn why most people consider this as one of the best small indoor trampoline for toddlers.

Weight Limit

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Skywalker 60” trampoline has a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs. The recommended ages are from 3 to 7 years. There is more than enough weight allowance for a single child to be bouncing on the trampoline.

As a matter of fact, the weight capacity is quite big that some people have had 2 to 3 of their children, within the same age range, to use it at the same time. However, you need to be aware that increases the chances of injuries with limbs flailing or other body parts accidentally hitting each other.

If you’re planning to join your child (because it’s absolutely fun), you should check bigger models like the Skywalker 12 Foot or Skywalker 15 Foot trampoline. It has the same net enclosure and has a larger space and weight limit.


This mini round trampoline has a diameter of 60 inches which includes the area where the stretch bands are attached to the frame. The actual jumping area, though, is around 50 inches. It is still a big area provided that a child up to 7 years old will use it.

The total height including the enclosure net is around 58 inches. This makes the trampoline easy to place anywhere inside the house. It weighs 25 lbs only, so you should also be able to move it to another location with just a small effort.

As mentioned earlier, Skywalker 60” is best used as an indoor trampoline. It’s a great way to have your kids release their excess energy during winter. Keep in mind though that while the area seems large enough for a small kid, it is not designed to accommodate backflips and other stunts.


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This kiddie trampoline has a solid frame construction which is very durable. The poles supporting the net are angled outwards at the bottom to prevent kids from accidentally hitting them as they land.

A 360-degree handlebar surrounds the jump area, which is designed to help younger children as they develop their balance. It is very sturdy as it is attached to the poles, and the poles are attached to the legs. Both the poles and the handlebar are foam padded for added safety.

Skywalker 60” trampoline has 6 legs capped with rubbers at the bottom. It doesn’t tip over even if your child accidentally lands on the edge of the netting. 2 or more children jumping at the same time on one side could be a different story.

Instead of using a spring which is a very common design with backyard trampolines, this small kiddie version makes use of elastic bands.

Elastic bands are safer for kids as it eliminates the risk of small fingers getting pinched or a spring flying off when broken.


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A trampoline with an enclosure net is not something unique. A number of other brands have the same feature as well. However, what makes this model different from the rest is the use of their patented No-Gap design.

The enclosure net is actually tightly sewn together with the jumping mat. This helps eliminates those small limbs from sliding underneath the net.

In addition, the enclosure extends all the way down to the floor. This effectively covers the area underneath the mat, preventing toys or small children from getting under the trampoline.

The jumping mat is made of woven polypropylene which makes it slip-proof. The quality of bounce it produces, together with the elastic bands, is somewhere in between a firmer exercise trampoline and a bouncier backyard version. It is just enough to get your kids going without having to place too much effort.

The mat has sea animal prints to promote imaginative play. It also helps to encourage your kids to take turns on the trampoline. The instruction manual includes several games like bouncing on the animal prints in sequence. If the wrong animals were bounced on, his or her turn is over.

Setting Up

Setting up this trampoline is the most challenging part for most people. It can take up to two hours to get everything set up. People who are mechanically-inclined can get it done in as little as 30 minutes.

Honestly, the instruction manual doesn’t help much at all. It is best assembled by 2 persons to lessen or avoid any frustrations. Following the instructions on the video below is definitely a lot better.

Because of its size and weight, this trampoline is very portable. However, you will need to disassemble the poles if you have to move through a normal sized door.

If you’re living on the upper floors of an apartment, you don’t need to worry about disturbing your neighbors downstairs. The bands are very quiet compared to the springs. Placing the trampoline on a carpet will help to further mute the sound and vibration.

Consumer Ratings

Skywalker 60” Trampoline received a very high rating from most of the customers who bought it from Amazon. They love how affordable and safe the trampoline is and how they’re kids just couldn’t get enough of it.

There are those how left a fairly low rating. Most of the complaints are from people who had a hard time assembling the product, which I believe can leave a lasting impression. Fortunately, the instructional video I’ve shared above can help a lot with this.

The trampoline comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on frame and 1 year on parts.


  • Enclosure net is tightly woven and keeps the child safe
  • Elastic bands are used instead of springs which is quieter and safer
  • Bounce quality is perfect for small kids
  • Ocean-themed design for a sensory and imaginative play


  • Challenging to assemble
  • Using it outdoors immediately voids the warranty


The combination of the enclosure net and the elastic bands makes this model one of the safest for children on our list. Once you get past the assembly process, your child will surely have an amazing time with this. This same design is available in different sizes too.

Skywalker 60” Trampoline is a very good choice if what you’re looking for is a mini indoor trampoline with net. With a price tag of less than 100 bucks, this is quite a steal. If you want to check other models available, I recommend that you visit my ultimate buyer’s guide on the best trampolines on the market today.

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