Merax Mini Trampoline 36” with Handrail Review

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Merax Mini Trampoline with Handrail sets itself apart from the rest of the pack with its capability to be both a rebounder and a kiddie trampoline.

It’s designed to be multipurpose so you wouldn’t have to purchase 2 different trampolines for you and your child.

However, there are some limitations that you need to be aware of before deciding to get this.

In this detailed review article, you’ll learn how this model compares to other popular kiddie trampolines, and how it also compares to a full-fledged rebounder. After reading this, you’ll be able to make an intelligent decision if this is worth the purchase.

Merax Mini Trampoline with Handrail Review

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Merax Mini Trampoline is both a rebounder and a toddler trampoline, which is why it’s one of Amazon’s bestsellers. It’s quite a unique approach because not a lot of brands make their models available for both adults and children. In fact, it’s an all too common request catered by just a few manufacturers.

This trampoline is small enough to fit any room. It comes with a handrail that you can easily detach depending on who is going to use it. It makes use of springs to power every jump, making the experience a little more on the bouncy side.

In the next sections, we will be going deeper on specifics. You’ll learn about this product’s durability, the amount of effort needed to assemble it, and more.

Weight Limit

Merax Mini Trampoline has a weight capacity of up to 180 lbs. It’s able to accommodate a person within the range, which is almost everyone from toddler to adult.

While you and your child’s combined weight may not exceed the weight limit, keep in mind that this is for single person use only. You cannot have more than 1 adult (or kid) jumping on this mini trampoline at the same time.

If you’re planning to jump the trampoline together with your kid, you will need a bigger one like the Skywalker 8ft Trampoline.


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With a diameter of 36 inches, you should be able to place this trampoline even on your child’s playroom. The actual jumping area is just around 24 inches, which includes the covered area where the springs are located.

Product weight is 18 lbs so it’s quite easy to move around if you want to relocate it. The jumping mat is approximately 26 inches in diameter. This does not include the area occupied by the padding for springs.

The measurement from the jumping mat to the highest point of the handrail is around 24 inches. Unfortunately, it’s not adjustable which means adults (and most especially seniors) will not get any benefit from it.

This model is clearly designed to accommodate just one person. In addition, it’s not to be used for performing somersaults or other aerial tricks. It’s either you use it for rebounding exercises or your child just normally bounce on it.


The entire circumference of the frame is a solid galvanized steel. There are no sections at all so it’s more solid and there’s very less chance of the sections folding or snapping out in place.

The product listing describes this model as having 8 legs. The fine-print would be that it only becomes 8 when the handrail is attached. With no handrail removed, it only has 6 legs which are still better in terms of stability than other models with only 5 legs.

Each of these legs has an anti-slip rubber footpad which keeps the trampoline in place. You can place it on hardwood floors without any worry of scratching the surface.


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Merax Mini Trampoline with Handrail is powered by springs instead of elastic bands. These springs are already attached to the frame and the jumping mat. They’re made of durable steel and uniquely designed to last for a long time.

The springs provide a good bounce compared to most models that make use of elastic bands. However, it’s quite unsafe in my opinion, especially that this is designed to also accommodate toddlers.

The springs present risks for injuries in case a child accidentally slid underneath the padding. If Merax Mini Trampoline needs improvement it would be to change the springs into elastic bands.

On the other hand, this model is best suited as a rebounder. The bounciness helps to absorb the impact further, which helps to lessen the pressure on joints even further.

The handrail is made of similar solid steel as the frame. It’s strong and will not bend. However, you need to make sure not to allow your child to swing or hang from it. The bar is not attached at the center so it can easily tip over.

Setting Up

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Compared to bigger trampolines, this model will arrive to you almost completely assembled. There’s no need to unfold or attached the springs one by one. The only thing that you will do is to attach the legs and the handlebar.

When you connect the legs, all you have to do is to screw it in. The connecting end is already threaded so don’t have to use any special tools. Attaching the handrail is optional especially if you’re going to use this as a rebounder.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors, but it is better inside the house. The foam padding for the handrail cannot withstand consistent and prolonged exposure to the elements.

With the legs just around 8 inches long, you can easily store this when not in use provided you remove the handrail. If in case you still want to remove the legs, you can just unscrew.

Consumer Ratings

Merax Mini Trampoline 36” with Handrail received an almost perfect rating from more than 80% of customers who reviewed it. They loved how this trampoline helps a lot in burning their hyperactive child’s energy. For adults, it also helps burn away fats in an easy and enjoyable way.

Most of the grievances this product received were from the vinyl and padding that deteriorates easily. You can remedy this by protecting it with electrical tape or additional vinyl. I recommend that you check other Amazon reviews for an additional opinion on this product if you find this review somewhat lacking.


  • Multifunctional as it is both a kiddie trampoline and a rebounder
  • Almost no assembly needed at all
  • Springs offer a softer bouncing experience
  • Comes with a detachable handlebar


  • Springs are not the best choice when it comes to safety
  • Not recommended for outdoor use


Merax Mini Trampoline 36″ with Handrail is both for toddlers and for adults. This affordable mini-trampoline is certainly worth the price if you can get by the caveats discussed above. With the handrail removed, it becomes one of the cheapest rebounders on the market.