SportsPower My First Trampoline Review

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Do you want a kiddie trampoline that’s built to last for years? SportsPower My First Trampoline is a great candidate. Your child will be able to use this up until she’s 7 or 8 years old.

There’s more to this model than meets the eye, and that’s what you’ll find out as you read the rest of this review.

In the next sections, you’ll learn how this trampoline compares to other popular brands. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect and what you should not expect from this durable kids’ trampoline.

SportsPower My First Trampoline Review

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SportsPower My First Trampoline is heavy-duty designed specifically for kids. As such, it can handle all the rough play and intense jumping a child can do while inside. As a matter of fact, this trampoline is one of our best mini trampolines for kids.

The brand is very experienced in creating innovative products for outdoor play. SportsPower has trampolines that are well-received not just because they are of made of high-quality materials but are very affordable as well.

SportsPower My first Trampoline, in particular, is designed to keep your children safe while they jump. It makes use of springs to makes the experience a lot bouncier. Assembly is quite challenging, though, and this is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles you must overcome.

Weight Limit

Weight limit is one of the most important factors you should consider when buying a trampoline. SportsPower My First Trampoline has a limit of up to 220 lbs. This is a very large capacity considering that most 13-year-olds weigh around 110 lbs on average.

It doesn’t have a handlebar to support younger children, which is why the manufacturer recommends this for children 3 years old and up. While the jumping mat isn’t firm enough for a very young child, it’s perfect for those who are able to stand up by themselves.

Ideally, you should only have 1 child jumping on the trampoline, and this is exactly as the manufacturer recommends. However, most parents have had much success with 2 of their children jumping at the same time. If you decide to do this too, you need to make sure that they’re supervised and both jumpers are not jumping wildly.

The trampoline should be able to hold itself up but injuries could occur when more than 1 person is using it. It’s a risk that should be taken into consideration.

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SportsPower My First Trampoline has a jumping area that measures 84” in diameter. This is around 7 feet of jumping surface which is very roomy. The area available to jump on includes the edge where the springs are located. They are well-covered by padded foam so there’s no worry for injuries.

It’s hexagonal in shape, which means the measurement from side to side is lesser compared to corner-to-corner. However, this somehow gives more stability to the structure which makes it nearly impossible to tip over from the inside.

The jumping surface is about a foot off the ground. It may appear as too low but the mat will definitely not touch the ground even with intense jumping.

SportsPower My First trampoline can be used both indoors and outdoors. In fact, it’s also backyard trampoline but you can actually use it indoors. If you have an 8-foot ceiling, you should be able to easily fit this.

Since, the highest point of this model measures around 6 1/2 feet, you have enough headroom even for the most active jumper.


The frame is made of lightweight yet heavy-duty galvanized steel from the frame to the poles, and right down to the legs. SportsPower My First Trampoline weighs a little over 60 pounds. It could have been made lighter but the weight actually adds to its stability.

There are 6 legs, each one attached to the corner of the hexagonal frame. Each of these steel legs is thick and a little more square-shaped. They used to be covered by light-green, round plastic tubes but the new version is now red. Their deviation from the all-too-common peg-type leg design offers more stability.

This feature plus the lower center of gravity prevents any structural twisting or the entire trampoline from tipping over.

In fact, kids may end up throwing themselves against the net and the trampoline will remain standing.

SportsPower My First trampoline is powered by 36 5.5” springs, evenly distributed around the edge of the jumping mat.

These springs connect the mat to the steel frame and are responsible for the soft bouncing experience. The padded cover for the spring is sewn to the mat, which helps to effectively keep them away from the jumper.

If you’re still hesitant because of the springs, there are other models which make use of elastic bands, like the Skywalker 60” trampoline.


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Since this model is made for kids, it has a safety enclosure net installed to keep them inside. The net is made of high-quality materials which do not stretch over time. This is a very big plus as a lot of other brands have their enclosure nets sagging or getting ripped apart after only a few months.

It has a zippered door on one side of the net. The door functions more in keeping pets from entering the trampoline when not in use. It does not have a lock, though, so kids can just as easily open the door anytime and use it.

There are no other color options available aside from the blue/green combination.

The poles and the arches are covered by foam padding. They’re durable and made to endure the weather in your backyard, but still, they’re the first to give in after being exposed to extreme heat over time.

Additional Features

SportsPower My First trampoline does not require any additional purchases. With only about a foot off the ground, your child will not need a ladder to get in. On the other hand, most people buy it together with colorful BPA free balls. It’s like having your own kiddie trampoline park at home.

If you’re planning to place this on your backyard permanently, I strongly suggest on keeping it covered. The jumping mat can get very hot as it soaks the heat from the sun. While you can creatively attach a tarp cover on the arches, a camping canopy is more ideal.


The product’s shipping weight is around 70 lbs. It comes in a single large box, which measures around 8 feet long and 2 feet wide.

It doesn’t come entirely or even halfway assembled. All the tools you need in putting it together are included, as well as the instruction manual. The manual is not very detailed and is a cause for frustration by parents who are not very mechanically inclined.

It’s best set up by 2 persons, and by the time you see your kids jumping, any irritation you may have had with assembling it simply disappears.

Compared to other models, the poles and the enclosure net are not optional for this model. Aside from being very important with regards to safety, they are largely responsible for keeping the entire unit together. Without these parts, the legs become very loose and make the entire structure very unstable.

Consumer Ratings

My First Trampoline from SportsPower received an almost perfect rating by a majority of the buyers from Amazon. They loved how the product is so sturdy and bouncy, especially to those have smaller units that have a firmer bounce.

Most of the buyers who gave this model a low rating was due to their experience with assembling it. Although there’s an instruction manual, they found it not well-written and the diagrams are too technical.


  • Very affordable for its size and quality
  • Square-shaped legs and low ground clearance offers stability
  • Durable enclosure net that doesn’t rip or sag easily
  • Spring cover are tightly sewn to the mat for safety


  • Can be very challenging to assemble

Final Thoughts

This trampoline is something that your kids will not easily outgrow. It’s simply one of the best kiddie trampolines that we recommend here on our site.

Aptly named, SportsPower My First Trampoline is a great choice for first-time buyers and first-time jumpers. As a matter of fact, we recommend this model if you’re upgrading from a smaller trampoline for kids like the one from Little Tikes. In this case, it becomes a My First “real” trampoline.

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