Tricks To Do On A Trampoline

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Whether you have just purchased a new large trampoline for the backyard or you are thinking of going to the community center we all know that trampolines can be super fun.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 5 or 55, we all know that trampolines are super fun.

Whether you are brand new to trampolining or you have years under your belt you will probably quickly find that when using a trampoline a lot simply bouncing can become tedious.

Sooner or later you will start to wonder what kind of tricks you could do and how.

Tuck Jumps

One of the easiest tricks for beginners is truck jumps.

To complete a tuck jump when you jump into the air you should pull your knees up to your chest and wrap your arms around your legs.

Tuck jumps should not take too long to get the hang of and can be a good starting point for feeling comfortable on the trampoline.

The Plank

The plank is slightly more difficult in practice but it is still relatively easy to get your head around.

The plank is simply where you jump in the air and try to put your legs out straight in front of you and touch your toes.

It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds and it will probably require a lot of practice to get your legs straight.

Learning to do the plank is usually a process and requires fast thinking.

It can lead to a pulled hamstring so be wary of any pain in the hamstring and be sure to warm up and warm down.

Knee Drop

A knee drop is relatively easy to do but it is a fun party trick.

A knee drop is literally what it sounds like, you jump in the air and land on your knees, before springing back up.

This can be a bit painful on your knees so think about that before trying it out but none the less it is a good one to learn as one of your first tricks

Back Drop

This trick relies on you trusting the trampoline so try to learn a few other tricks first so that you are feeling more comfortable and confident.

A backdrop requires you to jump into the air and land on your back before the trampoline pushes you back up and you end the trick standing on your two feet.

This trick is often known as the trust fall as it works quite similarly to the ice breaker exercise.

Front Flip

Front Flip

This trick is a lot more complicated than those previously mentioned and it is needed for some of them even more complicated ones.

To complete a front flip you need to take a good jump and tuck your legs in while you are in the air.

You must push yourself forward.

The aim is to go the whole way over while in the air and to land back on your feet.

This trick can be dangerous if not done correctly as you could land on your hand and neck which could even be fatal so be sure to be extra cautious while completing this trick.

Safety Tips

Before you decide to try any tricks it is important that you have completed many checks and that you know that what you are doing is as safe as possible.

Some things to bear in mind when deciding to try new tricks are:

The Size of The Trampoline

This one might sound obvious, but one of the biggest things to consider when deciding whether or not to start practicing tricks on the trampoline is whether or not the surface area is big enough.

If the trampoline is too small then tricks could prove detrimental and you should not partake in them.

It is also important to note that different tricks need different amounts of space.


If you have a trampoline in the backyard, or a normal-sized trampoline anywhere, it is important to make sure that the trampoline has netting around it to help to stop you from falling off.

Bigger trampolines in sports centers and gyms may not have netting so that is something else to bear in mind.

As well as making sure that you have netting surrounding your trampoline you also need to make sure that it is on correctly and that you do it up after entering the trampoline.

Most of the time this is simply done by fastening zip and two clips.

The Floor Surrounding The Trampoline

In case you fall off of the trampoline or any other situation results in you hitting the floor you should ensure that the ground surrounding the trampoline is soft.

A lot of the time the best way to achieve this is by surrounding the trampoline with thick gym mats.

Your Own Experience

You need to consider your own ability before trying new tricks, learning tricks is a process and you need to start relatively easy.

In other words, you should not go straight into triple somersaults.

Any Physical Health Conditions

Thinking about your own physical health is important as it may affect what is safe for you.

For instance, if you have a heart or breathing problem such as asthma, you should be aware of this and ensure that you have any necessary equipment such as your inhaler on hand.

Be mindful of your conditions allow yourself regular breaks and not push yourself too far.

Final Thoughts

Trampolining is fun and learning tricks can be even more exciting.

It is important to remember that learning trampoline tricks is a process and you should be patient with yourself.

Start with the more simple ones such as a tuck jump before gradually progressing to a front flip and beyond.

Be sure to remember the safety tips as they are absolutely pivotal for fun and safe trampolining.

Finally, make sure you have fun and enjoy the process of becoming a trampolining trick expert.