Is It Safe To Jump On A Trampoline While Pregnant?

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Jumping on a trampoline has many benefits on our physical body, but is it safe to jump on a trampoline while pregnant? The common trend is that it’s a big no-no. However, this is not entirely true.

The short answer to this seemingly obvious question is actually yes.

Jumping on a trampoline while pregnant is not for everybody, though. Even if you know that you’re quite athletic before you got pregnant, you still need to consult your doctor first. Pregnancy and the changes that your body does to accommodate it are not the same for every woman.

If you’re planning to jump on a trampoline during your pregnancy, there are some caveats that you need to know aside from consulting with your doctor beforehand. Read further and learn the real truth about jumping on a trampoline while pregnant.

Is It Safe To Jump On A Trampoline While Pregnant?

Let’s say you went to a trampoline park with your niece. She was so excited but quite anxious to go jumping on her own. Then you ended up jumping together with her. Days later, you discovered that you’re already weeks pregnant.

Should you start worrying about your baby?

First off, unless you did fall hard on your stomach, there should be nothing to get concerned about. However, it is important that you bring this up to your doctor so she can do some medical tests and ensure that you and your baby are safe.

The human body is a great engineering marvel. It is built to adapt to the phase it’s currently undergoing, even without your knowledge. When you get pregnant, your body seems to immediately morph into a shock-absorbing baby carrier. The most efficient one.

The amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby not only helps deliver nutrients but helps to cushion impacts effectively as well. Only the most fatal impacts can actually hurt your child like falling down the stairs, etc.

Does it mean that doing exercises while pregnant is safe? Yes. With your baby well-protected, you get to have the chance to keep your body active. As a matter of act, exercising can help prevent you from gaining too much weight and help you with your labor.

So unless you intend do jump high or do some aerial tricks, jumping on a trampoline is relatively safe for you and your baby.

Why Use A Trampoline While Pregnant?

If you have been active even before pregnancy, you should be able to easily stay active even during this period. However, it will be on a much lesser degree. This means no ice skating or mountain climbing in the meantime., in fact, recommends that you start your exercise program around five minutes a day, slowly progressing to a full 30-minute workout or more.

While you’re able to run for a few miles with great ease before, you’ll notice that it gets harder during pregnancy. This is because this type of exercise is a high-impact one.

As your bulge continues to grow, the weight that your legs and knees have to absorb becomes greater and greater. They are no longer just supporting your body weight, but your baby’s as well.

A trampoline can significantly help soften the impact by absorbing a lot of the weight. It can help you do cardio exercises and improve your immune system too. The latter is very important not only for you but for your child as well.

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Trampoline Workout For Pregnant Women

It is very important to get your doctor’s consent with regards to using a trampoline for your pregnancy workout. Even if you’re certain that you can safely do it, your doctor knows your condition well so it’s better to take heed of his or her advice.

Assuming you have the approval, you will also need to understand that falling off a trampoline is not an option. You will need to set up a safety net to cushion any possibilities of falling. You will also need to make sure that you can hold on to any support in case you lose your balance.

Below are the simple trampoline exercises you can do while pregnant. Reserve the intense jumping a month or two after pregnancy. Additionally, if you don’t have any experience with trampolining yet, it would be best to use other exercise routines.

Jogging In Place

Jogging lightly in place on a trampoline not only helps to soften the impact, but it also helps you improve your balance. With your center of gravity shifted, you need to have full control of your coordination all the time.

Light Bouncing actually suggests doing low bounces on a trampoline while pregnant. The best way to do this is to perform low bounces while bending your knees deep. This will help stimulate lymphatic circulation which helps improve your immune system.

Walking In Place

This is similar to the first exercise, but a lot lighter. It will still help you improve your coordination while putting away a lot of strain to your knees and joints.

Wrapping It Up

The answer to the question: Is it safe to jump on a trampoline while pregnant is yes, provided you’re just going to bounce very lightly. With all the safety precautions set up and with your doctor’s approval, you should be able to enjoy an easy low-impact exercise that a trampoline can give.