Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline Review

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If this is your first time buying a mini trampoline or rebounder, and you don’t want to spend too much, then Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline is what we highly recommend.

It’s easy to assemble, very sturdy and durable to last for years.

It’s very cheap being one of the best mini trampolines under $100. You actually get more than what you pay for with this model.

Read the rest of this detailed review and learn if it’s really worth getting this affordable rebounder or if you should go for the more premium ones.

Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline Review

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The Stamina 36-inch Folding Trampoline is made by a brand who has been in the industry for years now. Although there was an incident of Stamina trampoline recall way back in 2006, particularly for 2002 to 2005 models, the issue was long ironed out and the company made better versions.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the best selling fitness trampolines on Amazon this 2018.

This mini-trampoline is specifically designed for fitness purposes only. It has elastic resistance bands instead of the more conventional springs, a heavy-duty jumping mat, and an all-steel frame construction.

Innovative design such as being able to fold in half and the resistance bands are great, but are they really better? Should you get the spring-based models instead? I will be answering critical questions such as these in the next sections.

Weight Limit

Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline has a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs. Honestly, it is quite surprising considering the small frame, but this rebounder can indeed support this weight.

If you want to add some strength training to your routine using medicine balls or kettlebells, you can certainly do so as long as you don’t go over the weight limit.

While the size may look to be great for children who are in their pre-teens, this trampoline is not designed for kids play. For one, it will not allow your kids to jump that high. Two, it will immediately void the manufacturer’s warranty.

However, if you suddenly end up finding your 10-year-old son bouncing on it, the rebounder should be able to support him. The sturdy frame or the jumping mat will not get compromised.


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The actual jumping area for Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline is indeed 36 inches in diameter. This measurement includes both the protective surface pad covering the elastic bands. The black nylon jumping mat itself just measures around 28 inches in diameter, though.

While it may look too small, you have to keep in mind that this is a rebounder made for 1 person only. You don’t actually need a larger jump surface unless you’re planning to do some flips. If that is the case, what you really need is a larger sized trampoline.

You can have this rebounder stowed under your bed when not in use. It has a height of only 8.75 inches with the legs on. If it’s still too high, you can easily remove the legs by unscrewing it.

If you fear that you might “bottom out”, hitting the ground as you bounce, there is very little possibility that it could happen. This is because the bands are quite tight and will not stretch too far as to let the mat touch the floor.

When folded in half, Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline has a dimension of 18 x 36 inches. Its folded size may not be small enough though if you’re bringing it with you on a plane trip.


The frame and legs are made of high-grade steel. Although the steel is obviously thinner than high-end brands, it is durable enough to prevent structural twisting. As a matter of fact, the frame does not lose its shape even with years of regular use.

While the frame is lightly coated with protective paint, similar to what you find in other exercise machines, this rebounder is designed for indoor use only.

Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline has 5 independent legs attached to the frame. This offers great stability, making sure that mini-trampoline does not bounce or shift under you. The 5-legged structure also ensures that it doesn’t tip over while mounting or dismounting, which is a common issue with 4-legged types.

The safety pad which covers the frame and the elastic bands are lightly padded. If this rebounder is using springs, I would label this model as unsafe. Luckily the risk of injuries from hitting the springs is completely eliminated because there are no springs to hit at all.


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Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline makes use of strong elastic bands instead of the usual metal springs, and this is what I really like about this model. It is very appropriate for a mini-trampoline designed to be used for fitness routines.

The elastic bands give you a tight bounce up to about 1 foot off the trampoline. When doing rebounding exercises, you actually do not need a trampoline that makes you jump higher. In fact, a trampoline that bounces you off higher is detrimental to the exercises.

This means that this Stamina folding trampoline is not designed for aerial tricks but for exercising only. From a fitness standpoint, you get better exercises with firmer bounce.

Another great advantage of using bands instead of springs is safety. Even if your foot ends up slipping under the safety pad, there are no springs to pinch or puncture you.

Additional Features

This trampoline has a unique feature of being foldable. You can actually fold it in half for easy storage. However, it is not designed to be folded after every use. It takes a great degree of strength and patience to be able to do it alone. In fact, it’s not designed to fold often for greater stability.

So when do you fold it? I believe it’s when you want to store it for long periods of time, which is actually illogical. The folded size would be great if you want to bring it with you outdoors, but unfortunately, this mini trampoline is not designed for outdoor use.

Fortunately, with a very affordable price tag, this seemingly wasted feature is not that irritating at all. It is actually a bonus.

Compared to other pricier models, Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline does not come with a stability bar or its own exercise DVD. You should be able to easily find a lot of rebounding exercises available on YouTube, though.

Setting Up

41JD++l7QIL - stamina 36 inch folding trampoline

The manufacturer states that this mini-trampoline is to be assembled by 2 persons. However, I’ve found out that some people just do it by themselves. While I do believe it’s great that it assembled on your own, it would not be good first impression if you end up struggling.

Just to give you a quick overview, Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline will arrive at you folded. The hardest part in setting it up is when you need to hold the frame open while pulling the pins that that keep it locked in place. You will definitely need a strong arm with this if done alone. Alternatively, you may be able to use some leverage with a heavy furniture too.

After the frame is open with the pins snapped in place, you’ll just have to screw the legs in and attach the safety pad. The elastic bands and the jumping mat are already attached to the frame.

Consumer Ratings

Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline received a high rating from customers who bought it on Amazon. As a matter of fact, more than 2K customers reviewed the product and most of them are satisfied with it. There are a couple of isolated cases of the safety pad getting ripped after a months use, though.


  • Very affordable rebounder best for first-time buyers
  • Much safer because of the use of elastic bands instead of springs
  • The bounce is on the firm side which is good for exercises
  • A sturdy construction which doesn’t shift or tip over while bouncing


  • Size may be a little too small for people with larger frames
  • Foldable but it’s not designed to be folded after every use


This model is very popular these days. While you may be able to find it on Target, nothing beats having it delivered for the same price.

If you’re going to use the trampoline solely for fitness purposes only, then I believe the firm bounce that the elastic bands provide is what you’re looking for. Spring-based trampolines tend to be a lot bouncier.

Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline is a great entry-level rebounder which is very affordable. It’s very well-made for its price, you’d be surprised that this mini-trampoline can last for years. As a matter of fact, it’s one of our top-rated trampoline models.

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