Rectangle vs Round Trampoline

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Shapes play a very important role in the world of trampolines. Choosing between rectangle vs round trampoline will greatly depend on what you would like to experience.

However, it’s not always easy to identify exact preferences, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

Round is not better than a rectangle in a general sense, and vice versa. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll learn which shape is better for you, and ultimately decide the best trampoline you should buy.

Rectangle vs Round Trampoline

First things first, a trampoline’s durability does not depend on its shape, but on the actual materials and design.

The ideal type of frame should be made of galvanized steel. Solid, single unit T-sockets (used to connect the frame and the legs together) are better than welded ones.

So durability aside, choosing between the rectangular vs round shape trampoline falls to the following criteria:

Bounce Experience

Some people prefer to jump higher and so some aerial stunts, while others just want to bounce. Most of us would like our kids to enjoy bouncing on a trampoline but not too high that they might end up hurting themselves.

A rectangular trampoline can make you bounce higher than a round one from any location. When you jump, not all springs are stretched; only those which are closest to your location. This means that the power of the springs where you bounced from are not dependent on the other springs of the rectangle.

On the other hand, since all of the springs work when you jump on a round trampoline, the best way of reaching greater heights is to jump from the middle. This way all springs are working on the same level of proficiency.


When it comes to safety, the first thing you need to make sure is that you choose a trampoline with an enclosure net. This will help to keep your kids inside the trampoline in case the jumping goes too crazy, and trust me it does go crazy.

The size of the trampoline determines how safe it is for the most part. A smaller the size with more people jumping at the same time is a recipe for injuries. Arms flailing, heads butting, etc. are what you might end up dealing with.

If you foresee more than 2 persons jumping on the trampoline at the same time, it is best to choose a rectangular trampoline. This is considering the added weight of all persons does not exceed the weight capacity too much.

Since the quality of bounce can be experienced regardless of where you’re jumping, the jumpers don’t have to huddle together in the middle.

However, it’s best to choose a round trampoline if you’re planning to get one for your kids. As long as you can limit the use to 1 child only, accidents are almost impossible. They won’t be bouncing too high which may lead to a bad landing.

In addition, a round trampoline redirects the jumper to the middle naturally. Even with an enclosure net, it still a lot safer for your child to be jumping on the middle rather than near the edges of the trampoline.


If you’re getting a trampoline for gymnasts or athletes, then a rectangular trampoline is the best choice. It mimics the shape of the mat used on floor exercises.

The shape combined with the setup of the springs gives enough area to move around, and perform acrobatics and somersaults.

A round trampoline, on the other hand, is a better choice for recreational purposes only. From kids jumping happily in the backyard to seniors bouncing for a more effective exercise, this shape is the right choice.

This is why fitness trampolines, or rebounders, are all round-shaped. It helps you to do your exercises in the middle of the trampoline.


In general, a round trampoline is a cheaper than a rectangle. That is if we take into account trampolines of the same size and almost the same design.

The only exception is that if the trampoline is being compared to makes use of technological advancements. A round Springfree trampoline is actually a lot more expensive than a standard rectangle trampoline. The reasons, among others, are that it’s springless and provides superior bounce quality.

Wrapping It Up

The guidelines I’ve presented to you above are not actually set in stone. Even if you’re not a gymnast, you can still go for rectangular shapes if you believe it is more enjoyable to use. In the battle between Rectangle vs Round trampoline, both are winners as long as they fit your bouncing requirements.

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